Holiday & Working Hard! THANKS EPISODE!

I’ve been getting my background and overlay approvals through-out the day & forum mods are on high alert as well… and guess what?


Although some may not celebrate this holiday, many do and for those who recognize this holiday and are working, I appreciate ya’ll working when many would rather be home with family!

I appreciate that VERY much!


Thank you! :revolving_hearts:


You are very welcome! I was very surprised when I saw backgrounds being approved… I was like ON GOOD FRIIIDAYYYY??? :frowning:

Much love to ya’ll!

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I thought Good Friday was one of those holidays like Martin Luther King day where you don’t do anything anyway :joy:

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Depends on who you are… Its a religious holiday celebrated by certain groups of Christians.

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I love celebrating holidays that aren’t meant for me! :ghost::partying_face:

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HA! You’re crazy… (in a good way)

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