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Heyy!! This is super useful!!
I need help creating outfits. (I have a major issue when it comes to taking decisions, and I always end up creating a lot of similar outfits, one with belt, one with belt and jackett, one with another jacket, one with another heels, one with boots, and so on… and it is kind of tiring)

  • CHARACTER NAME: Isabelle
  • GENDER: Female (athletic body)
  • OUTFIT STYLE: casual&normal // badass // both
  • PREFERENCES: she’s half argentinian, swears a lot in spanish, and she changes the way she dresses depending on her mood. She usually dresses between normal and badass, but if she wants to feel confident and doesn’t care about the world, she will dress badass, and if she is already feeling good she goes for casual and normal. And if she doesn’t care, she will go with a top(/bra) and sweatpants. She doesn’t like to wear pink. At. All.
    I am claustrophobic with clothes, so I made my character like me. This means that I (and the character) get really uncomfortable and feel like I am suffocating when I have too much clothes, the clothes cover too much, I have too many layers, or when I feel too warm. So I would prefer if the outfits weren’t like that, as the reason I’m writing this character is to have something to relate to…

Hey! Request Accepted :slight_smile:
I will make around five outfits for both the badass style, and casual! Is that okay?

Thank you!

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Yesss!! Thank you so much, ur a life saver! <3

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No problem!
Just out of interest - what is your story called? :heart:

“Endless Emptiness”, But it is not published yet.
And as I can’t give you credit on the story for the outfits, I will credit you on Instagram if you’d like :slight_smile:


Ahaha it’s okay! I don’t use Instagram so no credit needed :slight_smile:

Instead, you could share my two threads if you would like:

Thanks again!

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Okay, I will share them!

I will credit you as “hollywood.episode on the Episode Forums” hahahaha I love crediting sorry


Thank you so much!
Please feel free to message me if you need anything! x
P.S. I’m halfway through the outfits :wink:

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hey! i’ve finished your outfits :heart:
Please let me know if i should change anything!

sorry if the casual/comfy clothes are a bit boring


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If you could help that would be great! I suck at making outfits that aren’t my own style

GENDER: Female (athletic body)
OUTFIT STYLE: fashion forward
PREFERENCES: shes a nurse, but when she has free time she loves getting all dolled up, she keeps up with all the trends, loves to make a bold statement

GENDER: Female (generic body)
OUTFIT STYLE: Rich and Preppy
PREFERENCES: Shes Italian, the LI’s fiance, and has the nicest clothes thanks to her family having money


Hey! I would love to help! :slight_smile:
I personally prefer doing more fashionable outfits, so this will be GREAT for me!

Is it okay if i do about 5 outfits for each character to start with, and if you want more i will be happy to give you them?

Also, just out of interest - what is the name of your story?


Yay! I’m glad I asked for the outfits you prefer doing, 5 for each is fine :slight_smile:

The title is “Take Care” It’s not out yet, still working out some kinks and adding final touches :stuck_out_tongue:

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hey! i’ve finished your outfits :heart:
i had SO much fun making these :pleading_face:

i unintentionally made adriana and emily both have one major colour theme? i was vibing with it so i hope you like it!!


my personal fave!!:

please let me know if you want more outfits, or need anything changing!

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Hey! Can I PM you my details?

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of course!!
feel free, i’d be happy to help! :heart:

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I love these! I don’t mind the color schemes
I can’t thank you enough for helping me. I’m glad you enjoyed making these
If you want to make more go right ahead :slight_smile: when you have time of course

I saw you don’t have Instagram, shall I credit you as hollwood.episode on the Episode Forums?

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yeah, i don’t use instagram ahaha!
yes credit would be great thank you, but could you also share my threads instead - i feel that would be more beneifical :slight_smile:
here are the links:


have you got a preference for the new outfits? @Caffiend1010 x

@queen.sofia i have finished your outfits! :slight_smile:
let me know if i need to change anything - thank you!!


:heart: :heart: :heart:

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if anyone needs background characters let me know!! :heart:

Hey, I loved this and I think that they match perfectly with some of the mc’s friend’s fashion sense. Do you mind if I copy some? lol

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