Holy, this is the funniest thing I saw today!

I just discovered that there’s an Episode subforum on Reddit and came across this…

LMAO “we’re risin’, floatin’”

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Episode/comments/r3yp7h/not_the_mc_watching_walmart_high_school_musical/


OMG, “walmart high school musical” is too accurate :joy: :joy: AND the sudden singing is perfecttt :sob:

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The risin’, floatin’ took me OUT!!!


Oh… my god :joy::joy:

:joy::joy::joy: lmao

“We risin’. we floatin’ :laughing:

AND YOU PUT THE LINK TOO. I gotta check it out

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It’s from My Butler by Sophia :heart_eyes: :joy:


Lol High school musical roasted :joy:

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You guys are rude. No one told me I had a typo in my title?!


What typo? I read “Holy, this is the funniest thing I saw today” :thinking:

I just edited it to add the “t” in “funniest” lmao


Huh, funny

I didn’t even notice lol

Omg tyty for posting the story name. Brb I gotta go read it :upside_down_face:

I was gonna read it but it has so many chapters, and I only have 4 passes every 3 hours :sob:

Oh yeah it does have a lot. I only get 4 passes too

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