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The title says it all, share homemade recipes you have created :cake: :cookie: :yay:


okay so idk if this counts but me n my bsf always make this at like 2 am we’re on ft;

white bread
white sugar

basically you butter both sides of the bread , THEN toast it , when its like golden brown n chewy-ish, you sprinkle white sugar on one side n put xtra butter on the other :sob: .


Haha! I can’t bake or cook… even with a recipe I SOMEHOW manage to fuck it up…


My personal favorite, I found a super easy way to make a vegetarian version of shawarma :grin:


Olive oil
Mozzarella cheese
Mayo and a hell lot of spices
Pita bread
Garlic & Onion

Chop the onion really finely. Add olive oil in a pan with garlic, when the oil gets hot put the onion in it and let it stir until it gets soft. In the meantime chop the mushrooms into thin slices, put them in a pan with salt and spices (I like ginger, paprika and cumin). When cooked cut the mozzarella cheese, put it in the pita bread with mushrooms and mayo (you can add whatever sauce you like) and put everything in the microwave to melt the mozzarella cheese. Done!


Anyone got any HOLIDAY recipes they want to share? Food at family gatherings are usually amazing <3


I’ve accidentally made my own recipes several times. Forgot all the chocolatey ingredients in a chocolate cake, and it actually turned out pretty nice. It certainly wasn’t a chocolate cake, though.

My shining moment in year 9 was forgetting both the butter and the flour in a cake recipe. I was banned from taking food tech for GCSEs, not that it was even on the radar.


I made cereal but forgot the cereal so, I made this thing called cereal juice.


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I love cooking!

My favourite pancakes recipe.

1 egg;
40g sugar;
100g flour 00;
100ml milk;
1 teaspoon baking powder;
Icing sugar.

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My mom made this for us today.

Dairy Fresh Biscuit Can or any raw biscuits
Powdered Sugar
Cinnamon Sugar

You ball up the raw biscuit. She fried them until they were fluffy and done and sprinkled powered sugar and cinnamon sugar on them. She made ones before where she put a dollap of jelly in the middle. They’re basically knock of beignets but they’re so good :two_hearts:

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Ooh I haven’t seen this thread before!

Cornish Fairings (a recipe from and 80s cooking book I use to make biscuits or cookies if you’re American)

-100g plain flour
-1 Tsp of baking powder
-1 Tsp of bicarbonate of soda
-50g sugar
-100g unsalted butter
-100g sugar
-1 Tbsp of golden syrup
-1 Tsp of ginger
-1 Tsp of mixed spice or cinnamon or nutmeg (whatever you have to hand)
-Pinch of salt

Mix the flour, butter together till smooth then add the sugar and salt and mix. Add the ginger (or flavouring of your choice) salt, baking powder, bicarb of soda and mix. Then add the syrup (for best results warm it before hand) and mix it in till tough. This makes around 10ish? Depending on size. Make sure to space them out as they grow a lot as they bake! I’ve experimented and used black treacle instead of syrup to make a distinct but intriguing flavour :blush:


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You need:
3 lemons
A pitcher

Prep time: like 10 minutes

  1. Bang the lemons until really soft and juice them to get the lemon juice.

  2. Pour it in the pitcher and add water

  3. Add your desired amount of sugar. Usually, four spoonfuls is ideal, but be sure to test it out to see for yourself.

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this is my version of fresas con crema (strawberries and cream)

i apologize in advance because I don’t add a specific amount :sweat_smile:

you’ll need:

strawberries (chopped)
bananas (chopped)
apples (chopped)
sweetened condensed milk (lechera)
sour cream

do not mix excessively because the bananas will turn very mushy!

the simple recipe for this would be:

strawberries (chopped)
sweetened condensed milk (lechera)
sour cream

if you want it to be sweeter, then add more sweetened condensed milk.

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i made homemade alferdo once like three years ago. i wish i could recall the recipe. it was pretty good.

Fibre and Protein packed Oatmeal
  • Oatmeal
  • Flax seed
  • Bananas
  • Optional: a bit of Sweet condensed milk (not just condensed milk SWEET condensed milk) I usually don’t add it but when I have it I do
  • Honey or Maple Syrup (I prefer maple syrup)
  • Coconut Milk (in place of water, but you can just use water it tastes the same to me)
  • Brown sugar (not white)

In this case you just add in whatever measurements you prefer, I just go with whatevers on the box. When you turn the heat on you put in a tablespoon or two of flaxseeds. While your making the oatmeal you can just add in you syrup, cinnamon, brown sugar and bananas.

You may add sweetmilk if you want, it should already be sweet but if it isn’t or you just want it a bit less firm you can mix it in little by little.

Oatmeal, flax seed and Bananas are great sources of fibre and protein, and it’s totally vegetarian friendly (if you don’t add the milk that is). I starting doing oatmeal like this because those were two key nutrients i needed at the time

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