Homeschooling - Opinions?

I wanted to start a thread about a topic. I truly enjoy talking discussing some stuff sometimes, and I recently became very curious to what people in general think of homeschooling/kids who are homeschooled.

You’re allowed to be honest, by the way, don’t think you have to think of a “better” way to say what’s on your mind if you wanted to say something. I want the raw truth from everyone.

I tried doing research, and I ended up reading a bunch of parenting articles about the pros and cons of a bunch of stuff including video games XDXDD

I thought it’d be best to ask real people. <3


I’m homeschooled and I honestly love it,
I wake up everyday at 11 AM :joy:
Also, we have different schedules than Public school, for where I live It’s required that school begins at 6:30.
It’s hard as a teenager to wake up that early and not feel fatigue, being on my own pace is actually really satisfying!
Since I’ve been homeschooled I’ve actually gotten ahead in school.
But there is cons, I am mostly confided from most social atmospheres, but honestly half of the people at my school were fake as hell anyways…
Plus I have more time to pursue my personal hobbies and passions, I find myself gaining more time to pursue my self and love my self more than I ever had when I was in public school!


I am so glad to hear that!

I loved homeschool, too. I just worked when I felt like it, whenever I woke up. So I slept in often until afternoon and worked on schooling at night. Unless I needed to contact my teachers, then I was doing stuff at a more reasonable hour.

It was so much fun getting involved with my teachers that way. It felt so much more personal and I feel like I learned a lot more from my English teacher especially since it was most likely that me and her were one on one very often.

I was in public school for a minute there. Sounds like you were, too. I had to get away literally because of the social issues I was having with people. I wasn’t handling dealing with other people very well. Never had, since 1st grade, lol. So…when I started homeschooling, I had more time to talk to my dad and explain to him how I was seeing things, he’d tell me how I was wrong, and how I needed to approach things and I think that made me better.

I still definitely struggle with social interactions, but that’s okay. ^^ I’m much better than before.


Thank you for making this thread. I am actually really interested and curious about homeschooling. So it’s really nice to read opinions and experiences of others.


I do online school (which is at home) I love it!! Sometimes miss that I can’t really make friends and that I’m stuck with my sister 24/7. I love how it is flexible for me. I cam go on vacation in the middle of the year for 2 months and take school with me :joy:


Same, I’ve grown a lot more as a person…
I also spend a lot of time focusing on my personal hygiene now!
Before it was impossible to keep up with myself, (due to school hours)
I have the time in the mornings to do my skincare routine and eat an actual breakfast (not just cereal or a breakfast bar)
Homeschooling has definitely helped my medical issues as well (Anemia).
I could spend more time taking care of my body to get the stuff I need, as well as taking my pills at the correct time
(In school it was hard for me, because I need food in my system to take my medicine, yet lunch time for me was at 10 AM…)
I would leave school at 4:30 everyday, and having a 10 AM lunch was terrible for my appetite since food isn’t allowed in class!


So much same! I love having time to do things my way and for myself.


I am homeschooled and it’s really great!
I get to do so many things different, I get to sleep in, I get to work at a slower pace if I am struggling with something, I get to take as much time as I need to read something I don’t get, or need more time to understand, especially because I am dyslexic. I also love homeschooling because (please don’t judge me) I have an anxiety disorder and tbh when I used to go to school from preschool through fourth grade, I would always have huge anxiety attacks right before going to school, and I honestly have no Idea why. That’s why I started homeschooling. I have been homeschooling for about five years now, and It’s great to not have to deal with all that stuff anymore! It takes a huge brick off of my chest. The only thing that sucks about homeschooling is not being able to go to school events like everyone else, such as homecoming, prom, football games, and just in general, homeschooling doesn’t make you that many friends. So as much as it sucks not being able to have many friends and do all that stuff, it’s really great!


Oof, yeah. That’s harder for stricter public schools. Mine were mostly laid back except for when I lived in Alabama. They were very strict, which…pfft, I ignored all those rules. LOL

But everywhere else, they were pretty chill with us about some things. Food was never really allowed in class, which I kind of understood, but at the same time, if they provided better lunches, lol…it wouldn’t be so difficult.

Most students at the public schools I went to ate in between classes. Real quick, seven minutes, just stuffed their faces with snacks. LOL

Relate! I also don’t quite relate though. I have only one friend, and I never really truly desired more, at least not before college.

School events I was never interested in. OMG!!! You have no idea how hard I avoided going to a graduation. I begged not to have to go. XD

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I had so many friends and it was great, but when homeschooling came along, it didn’t really leave me a choice to keep in touch with them. Especially because as every teenager knows, when middle school and high school come along, people sadly change. I never really knew if it was just me they didn’t like being around or they just didn’t want to be my friend anymore because I wasn’t “cool” so as you can probably guess, that’s another reason I stopped school, people can be quite rude. so I can understand how you didn’t want many friends.


That is bogus. I remember when my best, only friend, the one I previously mentioned, started changing a little. She was becoming a bit lost in herself, really emotional. She had depression pretty bad those days. I was her support and her rock. She tells me all the time like, “I wouldn’t have survived without you!” And I’m the exact same way.

We have this weird attachment to each other like that, even when we had other people surrounding us, “friends”, it was just us really. XD

Me and her were never “cool”, even though we were technically “friends” with kids that became cool later, then we didn’t mean much any more. That’s pretty natural and whatever. They became cool to other people, and me and my bestie became cooler to each other. lol. We’ve been friends for…I have to math…14 years now. Holy balls. XDXD I haven’t counted that in a long time.

So I get drifting apart from the less important people. It is quite sad in the time. But I am very very fortunate to have my buddy.


Nowadays, I wish I had a squad because in college, oh man. I met so many people a lot like me! I didn’t think many of me existed, but we all are attracted to the same thing, so we all met each other at college and it was fabulous. I’d host parties at my apartment where I’d cook spaghetti and lasagna for them and we’d bond over video games.

Now I’m not in college anymore because I got everything I needed out of that school (I’m in between colleges now, lol) And I’ll be doing my next college online.

I did see a picture taken not too long ago on one of my old college mate’s instagrams and…it made me cry because her boyfriend was hosting game night, like I used to do. And I got really emotional, like, I MISS MY SQUAD OF ART NERDS! T.T But I got over it quick. Kinda have to. I called my bestie, and she was like, “You’re the bestest bestie ever, you’re amazing! I love you! ANd that’s all that matters!” LOL

So…to an extent, I actually do understand wanting “more friends”. But I want them to be the right ones, you know?

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I think homeschooling can be great… when paired with extra curricular activities that give you a chance to meet other people. You can get all the attention you need in your school life and not get left behind if you don’t understand something… but at the same time you also develop vital social skills.

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I completely understand with all of what you are saying. I want friends, but they have to be someone I can trust and know that they are the right person to be around. And I know this sounds kind of cheesy, but the reason I love forums so much is because people are willing to talk, everyone on here is just so nice and positive, we are always helping each other weather it’s for an episode or real life problems. But either way I have made so many friends on here and it just makes me so happy to know that even though I don’t actually know all these people in real life, they are still willing to help me out and be my friend when i need one. :slight_smile:


My social skills most definitely were not developing well with people my age. They didn’t get me, I didn’t get them. My dad had to teach me how to deal with all that.

Lol. He’s like, “Don’t be so harsh to people! You can’t be brutally honest like that, you don’t get good responses!”

And I didn’t get it. But eventually, I just complied. That never worked in public school, they just sent me to detention. XDXD

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Heard that! I always find that online people are the best people. At least for a while. XD

I’ve been on many forums and then been kinda…shoved off. A lot of the places I like to be, and the things I like to do attract people with many different beliefs than me. So while we are similar in a lot of aspects, like art, we aren’t very similar in faith, for one example.

People like to assume the worst in me because of it. But I don’t like hiding who I am, even to online folks. Shrugs. Oh well.

No amount of schooling anywhere can teach you how to interact online. You could look up articles and stuff, but…ah. It’s always common sense. Don’t share your location, basic nonsense like that.

Yeah, makes sense. People can start off nice but then when your more involved with them, they can start to be weird about stuff like that. Also I think if you are old enough to have a phone or iPad or anything like that, you should be old enough to know not to tell people your age and stuff like that :joy:

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Yes I agree. Here are so many nice people. At my school and everyone is treating each other so terrible, what I don’t understand and it makes me always feel really bad. It’s refreshing when I go on the Forums and see how nice people can be to each other.

In school I am just the shy, quiet girl that nobody knows and nobody wants to get know. And the girls there are just fake friends who fight over and over again with each other.
So if I would disappear from my school from one day to the next, no one would notice. Everything would socially be all the same for me, and probably for the others as well.
I hope you understand what I mean…


For real. It’s all mostly common sense. Pfft!!

Of course, I get exactly what you’re saying. I was never really shy, lol. I have always been kinda assertive/slightly aggressive in my mannerisms. That’s why people didn’t like me. I’ve softened up over some time, but yeah…a lot of people used to say I intimidate them, like O.O Why??? I’m such a nice person, I swear XDXD

So it’s similar, just a bit different reasons for the inwardness.


Yes! I totally understand! That’s exactly how I was, when I was in third and fourth grade I had these three amazing friends! They were so funny, we had a lot in common and we all were just like a group of nobody’s who loved one direction :joy: but then again, who didn’t back then. And just like you said, we were the group that everyone would stay away from and nobody would want to get to know us. Why? I don’t know :man_shrugging: It’s sad to think about how people really are, and what I really don’t understand is, what honestly goes through their heads, why do they feel the need to bully one another, innocent people who have never done anything to them, why do they feel the need to make people so scared of them that they can’t even get three feet away from them without feeling like they are going to cry.

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