Homeschooling - Opinions?

True haha

Some people are truly mean spirited. I think some people don’t necessarily mean to be mean to other people, and then once they realize they have that power to make people feel a certain way, it’s all psychology from there. Some people get off on that sense of control.

I kinda get it, but I don’t like it when people are “intimidated” or “afraid” of me. That makes me feel terrible. I love it when an artist is inspired by me. That’s the kinda “control” I enjoy! I like making people think and exposing people to art that makes them feel good. Doesn’t have to be my art.

I even did this in homeschool! My English teacher loved what I wrote about Beowulf, (I even still have this essay) that she asked to keep it and use as an example to other kids being homeschooled, to which I’m like. YAAAAS!! XD

That makes me very happy ^^


I agree, I feel absolutely terrible when there is someone that is afraid to come up to me or is intimidated by me. I am a very caring person and would never be rude to someone, I am not like that. I want to be nice to everyone and make sure that they feel like they matter.

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I’m so glad you made this topic! I’m still in school (grade 9) but am leaving at the end of this year. I’ve truly had enough of mainstream schooling. I’m a quiet person so it get’s kinda awkward at school, I always get home at 5, it really tires a person out then it’s 2 hours of homework and then what? You either try to get a good nights sleep or stay awake late doing your own thing and then be hella tired the next morning.

My friend left the school I was at and is now doing homeschooling, she’d love for me to join and I’d be so hyped to as well! I haven’t told my friends at school that I’m leaving cuz I feel like I’d be judged so hard, I know they wouldn’t understand.

Homeschooling sounds super amazing from what I’ve heard and what you guys are saying! So excited to start next year x

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Yes exactly!
Why are people like this? Why do they bully others? I will never understand. And I don’t don’t understand why people aren’t real/honest to each other. I mean: What is friendship to you?
I hear/read the word freindship everywhere, but for me friendship is something much more special.
I know so oooo many people that called me friends or even best friends and I haven’t seen them or they haven’t talked to me in weeks. I KNOW THAT YOU CALL PEOPLE WHEN YOU WANT TO GET TO KNOW THEM, (for example in the Forums) In my opinion, the word friend is generally used far too often. It is used like a meaningless word. Many people treat others badly (sometimes for no reason) and the word friendship no longer means anything to them. This means that many people are treated badly (for various reasons, sometimes even for reasons for which the person cannot do anything), but these people who treat you well sometimes are not appreciated enough.

I don’t know if that what I wrote makes sense, but I hope you understand.

I understand you. Fam. I do.

As for your friends in school, why do you think they’ll judge you?

First of all i want to thank the owner of this thread for creating such a unique thread because after reading different opinions expressed by different people about homeschooling, usually builds confidience in those children who think homeschooling isn’t beneficial for them.Although in a way it is.I am also homeschooled and I think it’s great.Especially when I am able to overcome all my weaknesses in my studies all these years of homeschooling.The ones that left me confused when I attended school because due to less confidience most students like me aren’t able to point out questions in class time that becomes a cause of the creation of huge piles of confusion.Even I found my grades falling down the stream.Even homeschooling allows me to live a non-robotic life (i-e waking up early in the morning at six ,studing almost all day and then falling over on the bed at nine)I barely got time for my extra curicular activities.Even I learn new things everyday which I think I would have not learnt if I was attending school. And I agree with @noelle09 on her statement of “homeschooled students aren’t able to attend school events” I think it is quite right at an extent but we are able to do a lot more fun than that because school events just occur anually and i’m sure we all do that much fun everyday in our tension free-lives.


Yes I totally agree

Yes exactly. Me too, I want everyone to be happy :slight_smile: and that everyone treats everyone the way they deserve to be treated.

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It makes sense! Friendship is really not something that everyone considers real if that make sense. Sadly a lot of people really don’t know the true meaning of the word. Real friendship is just not something that can happen in a day or two, it takes time.


I understand.

People often confuse “friend” and “acquaintance”. I used to always say that I have no friends (except the one), just a bunch of acquaintances. That’s still the case, and it’ll probably always be the case.

Friends, real ones, are too difficult to come by these days. I don’t think it is the lack of availability of other people, though. I think it is the lack of connections people can make with other people. I’m still not sure what’s severed this ability to connect though. I’m sure it’s no *single thing that’s contributed.

And don’t worry! You make perfect sense! <3 <3

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They’re quite mainstream people. When I first arrived at the school I didn’t know what Rolex was…(ok maybe that is kinda bad) and they laughed at me. I grew up on a farm, they all came from high end areas. They think I’m a whole different person to what I actually am, I’ve had to be a different person in a way to fit in, it really hurts sometimes. Tbh they’re not the greatest friends but they have been their for me when I’ve needed them. I just have a feeling that they wont be happy for me when I tell them that I’m gonna be homeschooled.

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yes! Everyone deserves a chance!

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Yeah that’s true!

I still don’t know what a lot of things are that’s considered mainstream like that. I learned what social media was…way late. Like…waaaay late. I just recently got an instagram. And I learned what snapchat was about a year ago. Lol.

But I tell you what!! I can spell my name in Dovahzul and I can tell you all about the Daedric Princes of Tamriel. XDXD

I’m so sorry that this is something you’re experiencing, and even more sorry I have no way of understanding it. I don’t quite know how to pretend or act, so I just kinda stayed friendless. XD I wish I knew something to say to help, maybe. But I hope homeschooling will help you like it helped me and others in the thread apparently ^^

A story about my only other friend (that isn't a friend anymore)

I think that if you tell them and they’re mean about it or not understanding about it, then it’s better to not have them.

I had a friend in college. This is a real friend, btw, not one of those acquaintances. We were pretty close, bonded quickly and we did a lot for each other. She claims that I helped avert her way to a suicide attempt, and she drove me all the way to Alabama when my dad was in the ICU and I was crying uncontrollably cause I was terrified that my dad was about to die. We’ve been through slight drama like that together and we were pretty close.

We’ve completely lost touch now because she kept being kinda petty towards me if I’d upset her. She hid my car keys from me in the freezer, and I couldn’t find them and I couldn’t go anywhere until she secretly moved them somewhere I could find them. She did things like that all…the…time. And she was very jealous of my bestie. She wanted to be that girl so badly, but knew she never could. And…ya know. It was just something she had to deal with, but she didn’t deal with it well. I was okay with accepting this, but she eventually just moved out, and moved in with her new boyfriend and we stopped talking.

I miss her sometimes, the good times, but I’m also quite thankful because she may have been very good to me, like taking me to Alabama to see my dad, but she was also very harmful to me, like sending nasty texts to me purposely when my buddy would come visit. She made me cry, these texts hurt me so much because I loved her so much, you know?

The risk of having real friends is that they can sometimes hurt you since you trust them so much. I didn’t want to deal with it anymore, and her moving out was a perfect opportunity to just cut off the friendship. This was the first friend I’ve ever lost, and it’s kinda painful, but in the words of Aurora, there’s this beauty in forgotten love, letting go of all that it was is so freeing!

Maybe it can be freeing for you to let go of these friends.

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First I want to say thank you to you both for understanding me and taking the time to reply. I 100% agree with both of you.

It has always been my dream to have a REAL friend. I love reading books. I know that they are not like real life, but sometimes I just would wish that people would be the same opinion to what friends are than me.
Sometimes I get the feeling that I am an Alien, because no one really understands me. Nobody even knows me… So that makes it hard for me to find people that think that friends are something special. And because the word freindship has lost it’s true meaning, I never really know if I am just a “friend” or an actual friend to someone.

My childhood friend always says I am her friend, but when I need her she’s never there for me. She is just not relieable. Luckily really nice people here often helped me.

I have a feeling that everything I’ve written here is a mess.:thinking: Sorry about that.

I wish I didn’t know about social media at quite an early stage in my life. It can really lower your self-esteem and add unwanted problems in your life.

Haha you sound like a very interesting person!

I think having no friends is better than trying to be someone you’re not. Soon this will all be in the past and when I start homeschooling I’ll leave those ‘friends’ behind. Thanks for the message though! It really helped actually haha.

I’m sorry to hear about what happened with your friend. I’ve never been that close with someone before. But I can understand what it feels like to lose a good friend in a way.

We’ll all come across amazing people in our lifetime, I guess we just gotta know where to look :sunny:

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No, no! No worries, it’s not a mess at all! Your writing is perfect. <3 <3

I’m sorry that it is so difficult to find a good friend. I was very very lucky with mine! I don’t know how to find more friends besides going online. And online people can’t always drive to you if needed. Like…if you’re all the way in California, I can’t go there because I have to work and stuff.

TBH, if you were in Texas somewhere, or even in New Mexico, Arizona, or Oklahoma, I could drive there. 3-8 hour drives aren’t that bad ^^

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No it’s not a mess. And you don’t have to thank me! I really enjoyed talking to all of you, it’s so nice to have people that I can just talk to and they completely understand.


I’m glad it helped! I wasn’t sure if it would, but this was just my personal experience. I know it can be hard to let go.

And thanks! I guarantee you’re equally as interesting! I like talking to all of ya’ll at least. ^^ So that’s gotta be a sign.


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And thank you so much for talking with me as well! It was a very creative thread where people can be completely honest and others can help talk them through it. :slight_smile: