Homework help: anyone from Texas?



Hi, if you’re from Texas, what do you eat in your daily life? (This is because I need to research the diet of Texan people) and google tells me you eat chimichangas, burritos, chicken fried steak, bean soup, and tacos every day.
If that’s true…
please confirm it,
and if not, can you please give examples of what you eat normally? (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Thank you so much!
By the way I’m sorry to bother everyone, have a good day and sorry, again!


Well Texas is know for there bbq food, so steaks, burgers, ribs… it might show other stuff on google because of the mixes of races there is


http://www.texascooking.com/features/feb2000raven.htm I found this link and it talks about there breakfast


This is brilliant :joy::joy: I am not from Texas, nor from somewhere near there, I just wanted to hop into the replies and tell you that this is a brilliant idea, you’re a genius! :joy:


I am from Texas, and what we eat really varies. Lots of enchiladas and tostadas, fried chicken, love some steak and brisket, bbq chicken, pizza of course. Scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon for breakfast. Lots of meat and protein basically. I always had meat with almost very meal.


Oh chili is big too. And yes tacos are common. Tex-mex is a huge deal.


I tried to put down as much of the food that I eat as possible but I do eat more! I have a wide range of food that I eat, lol!!!




Thank you!


What does a chimichangas look like? chicken fried steak sounds awful, I am from Houston, Texas. And I don’t eat Tacos everyday, I love bean burritos…WHO WANTS BEAN SOUP!!! (I don’t like the sound…BEAN SOUP.)

I’m not mad at you, I’m just trying to answer your question, we eat anything that everyone else does for a various amount of reason because we are all different. In Houston we’re like a city, which part of Texas are you talking about? The south, or the north? I live in the north, are you talkin’ cowboys or The city-folk of Texas??? My mom tries to get me to eat healthy and I try as well, but I have OCD and my fears may hinder it as well as my reluctance to eat healthy food and foods I find disgusting, (I’m telling the truth about all of this to you) I am the city-folk of Houston, Texas. I am living in the city part of Houston, Texas and we are very proud (including me) of where we live, I eat bacon, eggs, um…sometimes grits…(We’re black people, do you want our version or all? Never mind, it doesn’t matter. My family cannot speak for all black people just like we can’t speak for all Texans.) Pancakes, then my dad brings home fast food or my mom cooks food at home, or puts it together and makes it, she usually likes to add healthy foods to my meals and etc. At dinner I eat something else idk Sometimes we skip dinner or lunch, we try to work in a healthy diet, I eat ice cream for a snack and I like it and I try to keep the ice cream at a low amount in my day sometimes and sometimes I want more and more and then very few nowadays I eat chips and I hate burgers because of the fact that my mom and grandma were talking in the car one day and I thought I heard them say that MC Donald’s make their ham burger meat out of worms…LOL XD I eat candy as well but not as much any more, I love juices and my fav’ drinks are Slushies and freezes which are the same to me, and I love smoothies behind that, I love OREOS and Ramon Noodles too, and I also like cookies my fav’ are Chocolate Chips ones and I have some double chocolates one that I LOVE.


Thank you also!


Yes mine too. I think that’s the big thing for Texas. MEAT MEAT AND MORE MEAT.


Oh I see, thank you so much! (I was just assigned Texas as in in general, so I have no idea)


And I think bean soup is supposed to be chili maybe??


Oh, because I read a site that said, True Texans know chilli with beans isn’t chilli or something…? they said it’s bean soup, which is even more common


Gotcha. Yeah in Texas chili without beans is fairly common. Lots of people use beans too, but Texas is one of the only places where you can find chili without beans. (I don’t like beans at all lol)


I like chili but my families likes the version with meat, I like that version the most, but mom tries to get the bean only version for me which makes me unhappy. LOL. XD


I’ve had that chili.


WAIT. people make chili without meat???


So, a typical lunch would be chili with meat?
I know I’m so annoying right now, I’m so sorry, but can you help list typical lunch foods?