Homework Help Resources

Attention everyone, here are some cool resources you can check out to aid with your homework!

  1. Khan Academy

  2. Teacher Tube

  3. Crash Course

  4. Sci-fi show

  5. Coursera-requires account

  6. Udemy- requires account

  7. Math is Fun

  8. The Physics Classroom

  9. National Geographic

  10. History

  11. IXL Learning

  12. School of Life

  13. Patrick the Math Genius

  14. Nancy the Math Expert

  15. Yay Math

  16. Econ with Jacob

  17. Calculus Prof

  18. Prof Rob

  19. VICE, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, BBC Three, Real Stories, Unreported World and so much more are good sources where you can watch documentaries)

(BTW most of them are YouTube links ^^)

…And more resources to come, you are free to add a bunch as well!

Here we can help each other with educational stuff, like math equation formulas and other tips like on taking your drivers’ license.

Also, if you ask a question, anyone can aid you, and/or link a video for you to watch so you can get a better grasp of the subject :smiley:

Let’s do this, smarties! :heart:




Education is super important :smile:



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Raise your hand if you love homework! :nerd_face:

Lol, I will be shocked if someone actually raises their hand…:fist:


I don’t LOVE homework per sey, but I do appreciate it in the sense that it’s something to see how much you’ve actually learned from what you did. Besides, I assign myself homework all the time to get things done. :joy:

depends which subject :sweat_smile:

That’s true!

It all boils down to interest.

And Math is really hard to make enjoyable but with practice, you can get good at it. Boring (in my opinion) but so worth it when you understand it :nerd_face:

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The Pythagorean Theorem:

The Quadratic Formula:


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These are pretty fun to do :smile: :orange_heart:

Looking at this just sent shivers down my spine! Oof, BEGONE MATHS!

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There’s some parts in Math that are enjoyable but most are “ugh” I dislike :rofl:

But honestly, I had fun doing interest calculations :woman_shrugging:

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Eh, I have a love hate relationship with maths honestly. Sometimes I get it but other times I’m just like “wtf, how did you get that?”. Like seriously. teachers in my class will teach us simple equations like “2+2=4” then continue onto the next step thats like “3 67/799 add 34/22338 divided by 546/2837” Likeee whattt?? How did that happen? :joy:


Well I don’t have that anymore I have this (opdracht means exercise):

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same :joy:

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Mathway and CyMath solve Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus (?) problems. Mathway you have to pay for seeing the steps, but CyMath will give you the steps of each problem for free. They saved my goddamn life.
Quizlet for when you want to get things done quickly and do not want to read the whole chapter. A lifesaver. It also features quick ways to study like flashcards and a review feature until you 100% know every single word-definition pairing.
Sparknotes and Cliffnotes if you don’t feel like reading something or… forgot to read something. These websites gives you quoted, chapter summaries, themes, characters, etc. about many books. It is literally a lifesaver for every English class that you take.

If anybody wants to make a graph, here you go:


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Can someone help me with a quick homework help lol :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Hi yes of course, I might be able to help :smiley:
Ask away! :heart:

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Okay. I was about to do another article. But I choose this article because it was the shortest out of all of them. But I read it, and I am struggling to find the conclusion, and three premise (reasons) in this article. I think I find the conclusion but I am not sure.

The conclusion I think it is " Either way, Jeff Leibach, a health care analyst, told the Review-Journal that the new regulation is at least “pushing hospitals to think more about consumerism.”
-I think that it, but you can correct me if I’m wrong, but here the article. I just need to look for conclusion, and three reasons that support it in the article for my argument class.

Thank you too. I will help you in return as well. You just need to ask :innocent: :innocent:

Points I took from the article, breaking it down:

  • hospitals are required to post online the prices of services offered however some hospitals don’t want to post prices, they don’t like this requirement.
  • This rule was issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services who want to deal with a major problem in Healthcare and that is the cost of prices. They want people to be more aware of what the costs are when they seek for a treatment.
  • Few people know what they’re paying for which is why it’s important to put up prices so people are more aware.
  • People have to deal with strings that are attached when they pay for treatment at the hospital without knowing the cost and what they’re getting themselves into which is why this rule is a good idea.
  • Giving patients information about what the cost of treatment will be will make them better informed and think about how to manage this.
  • Despite this rule of showing treatment prices to patients, hospitals are making it hard for them by adding difficult words along with the prices to “confuse” the patients.
  • Hospitals complain that it’s hard to decide on just one price for the treatment, when there are a variety of factors involved like what the patient’s condition is.
  • Jeff is saying that the new rule about hospitals showing people prices is pushing the hospitals to think more about protecting consumers (the people who buy treatment) by keeping them well informed and thinking about their well-being-caring about them.
  • (Consumerism encourages people to buy the treatment)
  • This rule needs to be further adjusted so that hospitals give the prices without difficult words attached and instead tell the price to the people in easy English (no big, hard words that the average person can’t understand)
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