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not crash course, but I’ll go check it out, thanks!:sweat_smile:

Let me know how it goes :revolving_hearts:

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I’m glad that I finally ended all this fuss with homework. The hardest was humanitarian subjects. So the apa citation generator greatly helped me out, but with mathematics and other subjects like programming or physics, there never was a problem.

APA is commonly used for citations in the behavioral and social sciences and science subjects, while MLA or Chicago are used in the humanitarian fields, I believe.


Anyone doing the MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, etc? I’d love to hear about your experience and tips you have to help people :heart:

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This is a basic video on vectors and scalars, really cool to know ^^

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Does anyone have a math question? For some reason I’m in the mood to help solve one :rofl: Hopefully it isn’t too complex for me :dizzy_face: :dizzy:


For those having trouble in science , I highly recommend The Amoeba Sisters Youtube channel! They have a fantastic way of explaining complicated science in a fun, simplistic, and memorable way. It may seem childish at first, but trust me, I’ve used this to help teach the “unteachable” and it WORKS! (Especially if you’re a visual learner!)

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