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If anyone needs help with any homework I thought I would make an official thread for asking academic questions. If I don’t know the answer anyone can feel free to answer as well. You can ask about any subject! I will try my best to respond fast because I know there’s a due date :relaxed:

DISCLAIMER: I don’t want you guys to cheat so if you ask I can help by giving you tips on how to get to the answers not the answer itself. If you are still confused after I explain I can clarify further.

Remember, feel free to answer anyone’s questions :two_hearts::yellow_heart:


Okay so this may sound stupid but I actually need help. Our science homework was to take two photos of pigeons because we will be making a display on evolution but I forgot to take the photos and now it’s dark. He told us not to google photos but to take photos of pigeons from off the streets. It’s due tomorrow but now it’s dark so I can’t take the pigeon photos. Does anyone have any low quality pigeon photos so it doesn’t look like I searched them up on the internet?? I WOULD APPRECIATE IT SO SO SO MUCH IF YOU COULD SEND ME THEM!!!


What if you take it tomorrow early in the morning


yeah I was thinking of doing that I just didn’t want to cut it so close just in case I couldn’t find any.




In math, what is substitution?


Ooo I’m doing that :woman_facepalming: it’s hard but I finally got it


Elimination is way easier then substitution :sweat_smile:


Substitution is one out of 4 ways to solve a linear equation (the other ways are graphing, elimination, and calculating). In substitution you are given two linear equations for example:


The problem is that there are two variables (x and y) and in order to solve there must only be one variable. So the first step is to chose which equation you want to substitute. In this instance it would be easiest to use the second equation because there is one variable on one side of the equal sign.

Since it says y=… you plug in the equation x+1 for y. After you plug in the equation, you are left with one long equation, and only one variable. Here is the equation after substituting y:


From there you can just distribute and solve like a normal equation. Here are the steps:


After you have found the x value (or y value depending on what you choose to substitute) you can plug the value into any equation. In this instance we will plug 1 in the first equation to get:


So you then have the coordinates (1,2) which is the point of intersection between to the two lines represented in the original equations.

I hope this cleared things up! I can explain some things further if you are still confused :blush:


Does anyone understand algebra questions that look like this:


Edit: this isnt the actual question


Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s just simplifying equations by combining like terms. We did that last year in math. Do you want me to explain it?


Like terms? shoot forgot bout that thx for reminding me hope I dont fail my test Friday


Haha good luck!!


Okay I got some pics so thats good :joy:


Since there hasn’t been a lot of activity, I was just wondering what grade everyone is in just so I can get a sense. I’m in 8th grade.

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  • 5th
  • 6th
  • 7th
  • 8th
  • 9th
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  • Collage
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I’m in 8th also but I do 9th grade math so I can help with algebra :slightly_smiling_face: if you need help


Yeah my school is super hard so I’m also taking higher (I think) level classes. What are you learning in math right now??


We just finished substitution and elimination


Omg same lol. Now we are doing distance=rate x time and I’m a bit confused. We started learning it today. Have you done it yet?


No we haven’t :sweat_smile: we’re watching elf now since tomorrow is most of us last day