Homework Helpers!


Wait maybe I did do that in my science class in the beginning of the year


I can’t say what grade I am in, but I am in highschool, if you need any extra help I would love to help with that part!


Okay thank you so much I have some practice problems and when I get to working on them I’ll tag u


Does anyone know the steps on how to solve problems like these:

John and David leave their home traveling on a straight road. John drives 15mph faster than David. After 3 hours, they are 225 miles apart. Find John and David’s rate.



Sorry I’m not sure :woman_shrugging:


It’s been a while since I did problems like that. Here’s my thought process. If John goes 15 mph faster than David for 3 hours, he’s 45 miles ahead. Yet, they are 225 miles apart. I conclude that John and David have to have gone in opposite directions. Still, John will go 45 more miles from the starting point than David. So, the 225 miles is the total distance both have gone. I subtract 45 miles from the total, and assign them to John. Then, divide the rest in half, and assign each half. So it’s 90 miles for David. Divide by 3 hours to get his speed of 30 mph. 90 miles goes to John, giving him 135 miles traveled. Divide that by 3 hours. That’s 45 mph.


Okay I’m still a bit confused so I’m going to talk to my teacher about it but thanks for the help!!!


, I’m stuck on this drama homework where I have to write the definitions of 20 keywords … Here are the ones I’m struggling with …

• texts

• Chronological

•Performance spaces




Annnnd that’s about it , if you know the definitions, please tell me !! (ITS DUE IN TOMORROW AND ITS ALREADY 10:35 PM!! I WANNA SLEEP!!)


9th but I’m not a freshman I’m a last year Junior High student


So I don’t do drama but here are some guesses (DONT TRUST ME ON THESE)

texts: no clue

chronological: an order in which things are sorted by the date they happen

performance spaces: where a show or play takes place

cross cutting: two or more scenes which are performed on stage at the same time

entrances/exits: when a character comes on the stage or leaves the stage

rehearsal: practicing for a performance



Well, Ima take them because Google here ain’t helping me !! It’s as bad as Internet explorer !!

I’ll tell you tomorrow if you’re right !!

:heartpulse::heart::heartpulse:. thankyou


ahhh im still very confused and my teacher didn’t help. Does anyone have helpful links they could direct me to? Im so so so confused on how to set up the R x T= D problems. ANY HELP???


I have a science test AND a latin test tomorrow. What are you guys learning in science??


How did it go?


Chemistry. Periodic table, Ionic and Molecular Compunds how to name them write them, and then putting things together to create things


Oh we did that at the beginning of last year. Tell me if you have any questions




Are you good at pre cal?


I’m doing terrible at the maths tests


Not really lol. But ask any questions you may have anyway because someone else may be able to help