Homework Helpers!


Okay :slight_smile:


If anybody needs help with Geometry I can help!


She said i got them All right !!!


THANKYOU soooo much!! :heartpulse::heart::heartpulse:


that’s a relief lol. I was worried i would give you the wrong definitions and screw you up. GOOD JOB


I had to look up what my year corresponds to in terms of grades. I would be a freshman if I were American.


oh so you’re one year older than me :slight_smile:


Sooo I need someone to calculate a grade for me.

I got a 46 out of a 84 on a midterm. So I’m pretty sure that’s failing but can someone tell me what my grade would be?


46/84 = 0.54
0.54 X 100 = 54%
I guess that would be a D or a C? In the U.K. at least :wink:


Thank you!!! So I definitly faillledd :joy:


Awh no, a D/C is still a good grade!


I guess it isn’t because I’m not failing the class even though the midterm grade is in


Anyone have any one-day cram study tips? :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::rofl:


Hi! lol I need help find a conclusion, and three premise (reasons) on a article. I have choices of a article. I need to choose one. I am struggling to find the conclusion , and three reasons that support the conclusion. I been reading over and over, but struggle to find it. I using for a argument class, I can only use one.


I am going toward the “should scientists toy with the secret to life”, but if you can help me I will be grateful and internet hug you lol I will help you in return for future reference.


id go with the second


write a cheat sheet. list all the key terms and definitions and review it the day before, day of, and right before the test


Can you help me ?




do sea birds eat goats or vice versa? (science hw)


I’d say vice versa


There is an electric ___ around any charged object where another charged object will experience a ___.