Homophobia in Community

It has been brought to my attention that there are many homophobic writers on this site trying to verify and spread their actions to other writers. I have personally been flagged for bringing up this issue, but I will keep coming back until it is addressed. The homophobia in this community needs to stop. Stop being rude to LGBTQ+ people, stop being transphobic, stop being biphobic—just stop. Avoiding stereotypes and anything that you think might just be rude. People, please make the us proud. As a lesbian, I expect better from a community that claims to be inclusive and safe. Don’t let the young LGBTQ+ readers see your homophobia and hate themselves for being who they are, make them prideful. Please, just be kind.


It’s seemed especially elevated as of late. At this point, I’ve been noting over 3 separate forumers specifically spreading hate and distaste for the community.

But just note the majority of the community stands with the LGBTQ+ community. :grin:

Let’s work to empower each other!


I’ve noticed a lot of homophobia in this community recently as well. Not just here on the forums, either.
It really sucks, honestly. And as a member of the LGBTQ+ community I don’t exactly feel all that supported when I’m getting flagged for questioning homophobic opinions and comments. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about getting flagged for no reasons lately, specifically for being off-topic. Seems like it’s not really allowed to let a conversation in these forums flow naturally and progress/evolve into other discussions any more, which is honestly making it really difficult to even HAVE a conversation on the forums. :confused:
Either way, I hope we all can continue to work on empowering each other. Despite the recent homophobia in this community, it is still a community that I love and feel very supported by. Like @KieraC.writes said, the majority of the community stands with the LGBTQ+ community and i’m really greatful for that!
I really hope this can continue to be a safe place for everyone to express themselves, and where everyone can feel like they can truly be themselves without judgement.


Thank you for starting this topic.

I haven’t been responding to those homophobic people/topics but I’ve been reading them. I’m not upset by the fact that homophobes exist here. I am incredibly angered by the fact that their offensive topics are allowed to exist and even defended by some mods. At some points, I don’t feel welcome here because of how ignorant homophobic people are tolerated.
It makes me wonder, when will people understand that hating the LGBT+ community is not an opinion, just blatant hatred? Episode claims to support the LGBT+ community but then turns around and calls the aforementioned hatred an opinion one is entitled to share.

Anyways (sorry those paragraphs were very negative), I am very grateful for all the accepting people in this community. Despite these homophobic people, this is a much more accepting place than where I live.
If you are confused about something LGBT+ related, there are many Instagram accounts dedicated to educating you on those topics and more, both in the Episode community (one example would be epy.worms) and out. Google is also a free resource, check that out. Plus I’m always open to answering questions regarding the LGBT+ community (nothing controversial like truscum/tucute stuff).


I agree with a lot of the responses here. The fact that there are people spreading homophobia on the forums upsets me, but I’m even more upset that episode refuses to anything about it, and even takes the side of homophobic posters over people trying to defend the lgbt community. Repeatedly. Homophobes are inevitable in any community, but the (lack of) response from episode, a company that claims to support diversity, is what really hurts and makes me feel unwelcome and unsupported in the community. I’ve seen several users that have posted explicitly homophobic comments on multiple threads (including a thread specifically dedicated to lgbt people talking about their identities) and am surprised they haven’t caught a ban. At least, I wish I was surprised :confused:


Where is this thread? As a new member of the LGBTQ+ community, I’d really like to get involved!

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I think they’re talking about this thread.

Thank you!

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Actually, I think it was this post that highlighted it more. :thinking: But it got closed due to “too many flags”. :woman_shrugging:

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Yes, it was that chaotic thread.

I’ll repeat what I put on another topic:
The problem is that people who are homophobic are in the same category as people who are racist.
They are prejudiced against people who are something they had no say in.
Gay people don’t “chose” to be gay, just like straight people don’t “chose” to be straight.
I sure did not “chose” to be straight. Before puberty, if someone had told me I could chose to be with the same or opposite sex, I sure as hell would have chosen the same. All my friends were the same sex. Once puberty hit, I started feeling attraction to the opposite sex. It’s something I didn’t want to happen, but I couldn’t stop it.
Now I am more than comfortable with it and am not attracted to the same sex whatsoever. It’s certainly not what I would have chose, it’s just what happened.
It’s no difference than being prejudiced against someone because of their ethinticity or colour. It’s something they can’t help and have no say in. I didn’t want to be straight as a child, but I had no control in stopping who I was attracted to. I like being straight, but if it went the other way, I’m sure I’d be happy being gay. Sure, I’ve changed and have lots of opposite and same sex friends. It’s just how we change.
At first I tried to “fight” being attracted to the opposite sex and tried to stop having sexual thoughts. I realised it was impossible. Asking someone to stop being gay is like asking someone to be asexual. It’s something they have no control over.
Sadly, I knew a boy who was gay and hated it. He tried his best to be attracted to women, but he couldn’t. It was like asking a straight woman to be sexually attracted to other women. There is no way he “chose” this because he was doing everything he could to make it “go away.” So, don’t tell me gay people make a “choice.”


I find that disgraceful. Just how long will it take people to learn that love is love, no matter who’s it shown towards? It sucks, to be honest. In America, you can’t do anything without being judged. Now we have to deal with this homophobia bullshit here too? It’s not my fault that I’m bisexual, nor is it any LGBTQ+ person’s fault. Now, Episode, being usual assholes, haven’t uttered shit about this problem. Being homophobic isn’t being right, it’s just like being sexist, racist, or even antisemitic. Ignorance is never acceptable, under any means necessary.

Thank you for starting this thread/topic.


I wish that disgusting thread was handled better. It was hate speech against LGBTQ+ and many people who defended the community got flagged. It feels like a joke tbh. Shame to the OP of that thread. Someone’s existence is not something you can agree or can’t agree on.


The problem is that in America, like many other countries, homophobia is bigger than people think.
The majority voted in an openly homophobic president. Now I’m not suggesting Hilary was the better choice, but the fact that he’s openly homophobic would have been an instant disqualification for my vote. I think it’s s lot to do with sexism as America has never had a female president. My country either, has never voted one in (the one we had took over from a male one and only won her election as a result of hung parliament.)
I’d love to think it doesn’t exist, but it does. Unfortunately homophobes do exist here and we’re going to have to deal with it. Only thing we can do to try to encourage them to have a “live and let live” attitude.
Anyone can change, but some people won’t.


Great point. But Trump won because of the electoral college vote, not the popular vote.


Well this is off topic, so I’m. It goin to comment on it further

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Yup, we gotta be careful now. Sorry

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