Honest feedback on some of my first edits

Hello, I’m Daisy and I have recently started doing digital art edits. I use Ibis Paint X and would love if you guys could give me your honest opinion on my art. Also any tips with using the app would help a lot too. I have been trying out different styles and would love if you guys could tell which style you like best, they’re all based off episode characters but drawn and shaded different ways. Also remember these are some of my very first art works so they’re probably going to be really bad. They are all character edits I am yet to explore the world of splashes and covers though. Hope you like them.
Thanks in advance. :heart:

Click on them for better quality.


Artwork 1

Edited version of Artwork 1

Artwork 2 (Try to ignore the fact that her arm is bending the wrong way lol.)

Artwork 3 (Sorry about the lips. I was struggling with them and then gave up.)

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