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I’ve thought a lot while I was suspended, and I’m gonna try my hardest not to be offended. Anyways…

We need a break.


A Few Weeks Later


ELI ignores ANNA

ANNA runs into the campus garden, reaching it in tears

(I guess she really does despise me…)

  • How could this be continued?
  • Is this a normal reaction?
  • Should Eli feel guilty for basically ghosting Anna?
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Tbh, it feels really dry, I’m not sure what’s going on exactly. I think Anna’s reaction to Eli ignoring her is normal, but it doesn’t make too much sense how it suddenly skips to a few weeks later that she’s attempting to talk to her. If they’re friends and Eli wants to remain that way, then yeah she should probably feel guilty. I mean no hate at all, if this came off as rude or harsh I’m really sorry :heart:.


Anna’s friend kissed her without her consent, Eli asked for a break and has ignored her for weeks despite Anna trying every day to talk. That’s what’s going on.

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Ohhhh okay. Then Anna’s reaction is totally normal!

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Close your eyes. Imagine you are ELI. How would she respond to that? Go ahead and write that.

Well, what do you think? Tbh, anything can be normal. It depends on the character’s personality and how they deal with things.

As I said, it’s based on ELI’s personality and how they deal with things. But your the one who’s crafting the story. I think your opinion and choice matters most.


elli needs space to herself
honestly it seems like anna is pestering her a lil


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