Honest opinion needed for my story!

Hello! So I’m making an LGBTQ+, action and mystery story altogether, and I need the help of you guys to review if my plot is cliche or not! :slight_smile:

Alright so the name of the story is Stained Blood.
The description is
Claiming The Chief Council died by natural causes, Finlay investigates the scene finding out something more sinister is going on in the small town of Northville.

The story starts out by the mc (an underknown detective) waking up and finding out his friend’s father had died, (This story has 2 lI’s btw) The mc is invited to the funeral but discovers a secret door that leads to a very mysterious place, He then finds out that the Chief Council is not really dead and decides to investigate more with a police and a fighter.

This is not the exact plot btw, I just didn’t want to spoil everything!


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