Honest opinion on this cover

Cuz I really don’t know if it’s good enough?

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or this one where MCDOUGALL is a bit lower

Its great but there still bit some whites on the character though

Hm, the text can have a shadow/outline around it to see better, and the white lines on the character can be removed.

any tips how to I only use powerpoint to make this cover and I used for the font ?https://www.1001fonts.com/exquisite-corpse-font.html

The words are too dark with the background.
You need to use brighter words or lighten up the words. It clashes with the background.

You should try PicsArt or MediBang

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newest and I will try but I’m not good with those programs I always mess up :ok_woman: maybe I can ask an art shop

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@Problematic_Patrick can help if u want.

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