HONEST OPINION: Would you read a story with

Hey, everyone! I am considering writing a short story and I want opinions as to whether or not you would read it. Here’s what I plan to include:

  • 5 episodes long
  • CC
  • Trust points, which affect character relationships (ex. a score of +1 is good, and a score of -2 would mean that there is a betrayal)
  • Contains both supernatural and dramatic elements, and is centered around a story of revenge and freedom

I appreciate all feedback!


Sounds like a cool story! I think you should do it!


Depends what the story is about but all those things are definitely pluses when it comes to episodes in my opinion


I would read it! :slight_smile:


This is how I like to write, with important choices in a well developed short story. I would definitely read it.


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I would read it, though i personally don’t really like character points. I feel like they force you to make a choice you might not want to. Let me know when your story comes out!

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I personally don’t like short stories so probably not…
But I like when choices matter, however, I don’t like the points system very much.
It feels like I’m playing a game rather than reading a story

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