Honest opinions on drawn edits



Hello :hugs:

I just wanted some honest feedback and opinions on some of the work I’ve been doing. I’m completely open to constructive criticism so, don’t feel obligated to hold your tongue :zipper_mouth_face:

Here’s my most recent edit, In the ring :boxing_glove::

And just to compare to when I began to edit, here’s an older edit I did.

Carl Grimes from the Walking Dead :zombie::

I just want to know if there’s any improvement from my earlier edits - and how my newer ones can be improved :eyes:

Psttt, while you’re at it, follow my instagram if you’re interested in more edits and stuff, @brooke.johnson.ep




Oh Gawd I love them! (epecially the second one!) :heart_eyes:


These are amazing!!


You’re honestly amazing. And lol I already do :wink:


Wow, your edits are amazing! And you improved a lot! I love that lighting effect you did in the recent one, with the kinda purple-y filter thing, it looks super cool.

The only advice I could give you is to keep a consistent light source? In the recent one I can’t tell where the light is coming from and I feel like you’re missing some shadows, like under the glove or on the face. The nose also looks a little strange (like with the shadows under it, as a nose it looks fine), like it was a picture pasted onto the face? Maybe blend it more into the face so it’s not so separate? That was a little confusing haha.

That was not meant to offend you, I just want to help you improve!


These look great!

I agree what @brinn stated!

However, I would maybe took a deeper look into light sources and shading. Your shading looked great, it’s just some of shade placements were a little awkward. You want to think of where the light hits the face and what parts it does and doesn’t touch.

Your overall style and art is wonderful. It’s mostly just technicalities.

Keep working! You’re doing great!


I agree with what @brinn and @zaddy said but other than that They look beautiful!! Practice makes Perfect!!


I love them!
I remember the pfp @TheTurtleTrainer used LMAO


@brinn and @zaddy - thanks so much for the feedback. I’ve recently been practicing light sources in some unfinished drawings, and am trying to improve in that area :grimacing::crossed_fingers:
Again, thanks a lot!


No problem! I will definitely check out your account, I really want to see your progress.