Honest Opinions/ Suggestions?


So, basically, I’ve tried editing.

This is one of my first attempts, I need some constructive criticism on how to make it better.
I used Ibis Paint X.

Anything is appreciated!

Thank you!


I like it! The hair could us a bit of work but otherwise, it’s great!


Thank you!

And wow, I think that was the fastest reply I have ever witnessed.


lol you have no idea how many times I check the “new” section.


I’d suggest on using a softer brush for the outline. It looks really sharp and jagged on the pixels, giving it a conflicting look with all the shading and highlights and texturing. Other than that, it looks great!


thank you!


this is cuteee :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The hair looks fine to me, what I’d suggest working on is using smoother lines. I usually get the same line effect on my digital drawings when I don’t draw my lines fast enough. I don’t use Ibis, but if there is a line smoothing option you could try that out. Your shading is fantastic for your first attempt, though. I love edits with subtle shading styles!