Honest Opinions + Ways I Can Continue

Ella: If you had a chance to make things better, and tell my sister how much you love her…
Ella: Would you.
Eli: Of course I would! I hate seeing her hurt…
Eli: I just want to hold her and tell her how much she means to me.
Ella: Then do it.
Ella points over to Anna who’s sitting on a bench alone crying into her hands

(Eli and Anna are girlfriends (in a relationship) on a break because Eli misinterpreted a situation where she thought Anna cheated when Anna is actually completely innocent, and Eli has been ignoring Anna which broke her heart more)

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That’s so good :heart_eyes:
It got me in my feels and stuff :eyes:

I dunno what else to add regarding ways for you to continue, it’s extremely good though!

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omg its sooooo good!! :heart_eyes:

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it’s so nice :pleading_face::heart:


Very nice.

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