Honest review for my new story!


Hey guys I would like to get reviews for my new story. I’ve published first 4 chapters but I would like to hear your opinions about the first 3 chapters since the 4th is only character customization.

Story name: Plan B
Author: Madalynn
Chapters: 4 (4th is character customization)
Genre: Drama
Style: INK
Description: You have a past with prison break planning but now you’ve left that life behind. Until you meet a cocky but charming Braiden Duane, who asks your help. Will you be able to say no?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5679276948062208
Instagram: madalynn.episode


Hi :blush: I can give you a feedback :slight_smile:️ I will PM you when I will be done with reading
And if you want, you can check out my new story - I’m not forcing you :grin:
It’s called Tears Between Smiles by TessS


So I’m just going to write it here so everyone can see it.
It’s freaking amazing! :heart_eyes: I’m so in love with this story. Belinda is my spirit animal. :grin:
The directing was almost perfect, there was only one thing, and that’s that the characters were popping up sometimes, but that’s easy to fix :slight_smile:

The way you used overlays was fantastic. :relaxed:
And I have to say that you made some grammar mistakes,not many but some readers can complain about that :slight_smile: so I recommend you to find some English native speaker to beta read your story :slight_smile:
Otherwise it was perfect :blush: I will definitely read next episodes and this story is going to my recommendation list immediately :grin:


Thank you so much! :heart: You don’t even know how happy it makes me to hear that. I’m going to check your story too. :blush:


I’m just stating the truth :relaxed: and the cliffhangers are one of the best I’ve ever seen :heart_eyes:


And thank you :blush:


As of @Tessx feedback, I’ll be checking this story out! :heart:


thank you, I hope you will like it! :blush:


Btw, when you will finish reading my story, can you let me know what you think, please? :blush: Thanks :black_heart:


yeah sure, I’ve already read the first two chapters and I like it so far!


Thanks :slight_smile: