Honest review on my art!


Hey guys! For the past few days. I’m learning on how to work with Ibis paint X. Today I made an edit and I want your honest opinions on my art so that I can improve myself and I made two types of hair edits. Let me know which one is good :slight_smile:


I love it and I prefer the first hair edit :slight_smile: It’s great :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


This is so magical! I agree with Hope Forever with the hair style. You should see my first edits haha

… They suck. :sweat_smile:


love it


it’s fantastic. love the glitter hair and the backgrounds.


haha, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your art is amazeballs


Thank you so much! And like you said ln the beginning, even my art was horrible. Whenever I see that I’ll laugh at myself :joy:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you and yeah I love the glitters on hair :slight_smile:


Thank you so much girl :blush:


Your art is great, maybe just calm down of the highlights of the hair.
The hair kinda reminds me of a raccoon in the second picture


Lolzz! In the previous edit I did the same like second one but it came in a great way. Now it sucks!! Andyeah! I’m still figuring how to work with hair so I’m trying in different ways. Hopefully I’ll find my own style in a better way. Anyways thank you so much :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, I love to encourage other artists.


That’s really sweet of you :slight_smile:


We’re all in the same place, we should be supportive for each other