Honest review on my story? Likes and dislikes?

In the mafia world arranged marriages are the norm. And Santina will do anything to protect her family, even if that means marrying a man she does not love… CC in chapter 4!

I really look forward to hearing honest advice and criticism💕, so far it only has 2 reads so no one has told me anything.

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Hi, I could read it and give you a review soon. :slight_smile: I’ll send it to you through PM, if that’s okay?


Thank you, that would be great!


I can do it. I just wanna put in two notes before

CC in chapter 4 is a bit late, people who care about CC will leave in chapter 1, and people who dont care wont CC in chapter 4 because they already got attached to how they look.

a marriage with a partner you parentes picked out, not forced so if you dont like the person you can reject them. leg

forced Marriage, is a force marriage one do not have a choice in.

the diffrence in this two are consent.

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