Honest Reviews By Mira (Revamped, link in bio)

Hi there, do you mind reviewing my first story please when you have time? :hugs:

Name of the story: A Safe Danger
Author: Marion
Plot: « Still dealing with past traumas, I was forced to move to a new city and start a new life. Little did I know, I would meet someone who would forever change my life… »
Password: honest
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4552669735878656

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Request for review
“Just Another Day”
A small town girl rebelling against her parents goes off to New York to pursue her dreams unaware of the things that she is going to encounter along her way. Will she survive in a world full of rich, lies and betrayal?



Yeah x✨

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Okay, I read the first episode of your story. I honestly think that it’s really funny, and it seems to be starting off a great start. So no complaints x🦋

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Okay, I read your story too, I think that this story is interesting, I am wondering what the comments for the video will say. One con though is the hairstyle for Akira and Song, I feel like they can use better ones.

I read your story, it was really interesting. At some point I feel like there was a coding error where you forgot to zoom reset, so it was zoomed in on the table for a few lines of code.

Do you know specifically where that was so I can fix it?

Right after the part when Mia sees her mom in the book.

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Okay, I read yours now you really have me thinking what happened to the Teacher. And who in the world is john, and where I’m going that my teacher is so worried about

Thank you!

yw x🦋

It will all be revealed soon :shushing_face:
Tysm for reading!!


Okay, I read your story, I think that everything looks good, and this seems interesting, the only thing you could work on is the backgrounds at beginning and end to resize to make them look. ice and not stretched out x🦋

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Okay, I read your. story, there was no intro, and in the beginning I was really confused at what was happening, I think that you should focus making sure that they story made sense. Also. it was really short I would’ve liked to see it longer. x🦋

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This was a GREAT story, great coding, will definitely be continuing to read, Good Job! x🦋

Hey, it says your link is invalid

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Hey sorry I am currently revamping.

Oh, alright

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