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Hey everyone. My name is Saasha and I love reading and exploring different stories. I would love to review your stories since I have been on episode for a while now and I love to read.

Rules -

  1. Please remember you can not share your stories here. You can just ask for a review from me.

  2. Give the following details :

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Description
  • Link

Hope you people will find my reviews useful.

Hey guys , it’s just been decided that this thread will be closed and all those who want a review or have already requested for one can go to the following thread since all your reviews will be done by @amberose now.


hey im asking for a review :slight_smile:
Title: Break Down My Walls
Author: @moonlight123.episode
Genre: Action
link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4509103137619968 2

@episodereaderfan your request is accepted. I will get back to you in a few minutes or maybe even an hour.

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Can i get review for my unpublished story?

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What is the genre of your story ?

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It would be great if you could review my story.
Title: Love or Desire
Author: FieryTenderness
Genre: Fantasy
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6274422373220352

Sure. @FieryTenderness your request is accepted but it may take some time since I have edits and covers requests and some other review requests. I think I will finish it today though.


Certainly! It’s not that urgent, take your time :slight_smile: I can wait as much as needed.

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@episodereaderfan your review is complete.

I read all three chapters of your story and I must say you have an excellent storyline and you have directed with great efficiency. There was also the fact that you were very informative but there was a very small problem that the facts were being told one after the other continuously. In such cases the reader feels overwhelmed by the information he has gained and the reader feeling bored is the last thing you might want. So I would suggest that in your future episodes please make sure you give out information in parts instead of telling it all at once. Other than that it was a really good story with a good storyline and I wish you the best of luck.

I hope you found my review useful.



@Owertym I have your review ready but since your story is not published I think you might want me to PM the review rather than posting it here. Let me know where you want it sent.

Hey there, I would love a review if you get time :smile:
Story: Drawn to bad
Author: Miss.epsiode
Genre: Romance
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4783927797874688

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Sure. Your request is accepted. I will try to finish it by today but it may take more time considering I will have to wait for passes and all that. Hope you understand.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah of course, take your time. No rush at all

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Thank you. I will get back to you soon.

@Fierytenderness your review is also ready.

When I read your story chapter 1 I found the beginning a little boring ( no offense ). I found myself wanting to end the story but I kept reading in hope that it will get better later which it certainly did. But the problem I think here was that the first impression was not good enough which ultimately may lead to drop in reader retention of your story. If you want tips on how you can make it better you can PM me or DM on Instagram. My instagram account is @Saasha_episode.

Hope I was not rude.

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hey there, i’d like a review. most of the feedback for this story is that it’s pretty unique, so i get the feel that you might like it!
Title: Over Before You Know It
Author: Lizard
Genre: Drama
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6584190301765632


@Lizard your request is accepted. Unfortunately I have some covers and edits to complete today so I won’t be able to read it today. Most probably tomorrow.

gotcha. take your time!

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It doesn’t matter. You can post here or PM

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Okay. So I am guessing english is not your firta language since there were grammatical mistakes and it’s not good for the story. If you want I can help you with the grammatical mistakes. Secondly you have a very good storyline and that being said I know you are writing in fantasy but I would suggest to make it realistic in the sense that if you are making another world you must show how both worlds are different. Like how are they both different if they were wearing same kind of clothes and using mobile phones. For an instance , you can remove phone and use overlay of another device. Instead of telling the readers what has happened or is happening or what Tveroxia is show it to them. This makes it more interesting. Let me know if you want to ask something else.