Honest reviews/grammar corrections


As always im here to help you guys make your stories the best they can be!
I’m always looking for new stories to read so feel free to message me.

I only read LimeLight stories.


If I am not crazy about the stories in the first two chapters I may not continue to read the story, however I will however let you know what I think of what I have read.

If I think you are missing a part of vital information in the plot I will tell you, I will also let you know what may work.


I will put the CHARACTERS NAME in CAPS.
I will write your incorrect sentence and in (Parentheses) I will write in the proper grammar.
If I catch typos I will let you know in which episode and which sentence.

I will not change your story, that’s not what I do. I just want to help young authors or authors who do not speak English as their first language.

Please feel free to message me anytime!



Hello! Thank you for your offer. I’d love it if you review my story! English isn’t my first language but I’m good at it, so if you find any English mistake I’d be grateful if you tell me about it. Thank you again! :heart:

Title: To The Stars And Further
Author: Fatima
Genre: Romance

Story description: You are sexy, rich, smart and desired by every single man. Mark, the only one who will love you unconditionally. But how strong his love will be in front of your past?

Link of story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4520226729099264
Instagram: @fatima.episode1

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Here is my story :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s my first and English isn’t my native language :sweat_smile:
Thank you for doing this, I hope you’ll like my story :blush:

Title : Undercover
Author : Nati
Genre : Drama
Style : Limelight
Description :
You’re a cop, sent to college to investigate drug dealers. But what’s happening, when you meet an irresistible professor and hot student boys? CC, choices matter, multiple endings
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6494374638190592

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@Fatima.s I promise I will do this in the next few days. excited to see what you’ve created.

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Thank you :heart_eyes::heart:

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