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Hey! So I’m a bit bored and I don’t have anything to read so if you like you can leave your stories down here and I’ll be reading them and giving you reviews about them!

I’m not an expert.
I mean no harm nor offense to anyone.
I write what I think and how I think you can improve.
This is MY OPINION, so don’t take anything personal, as I said before I mean no harm.
I’ll be reading your first 3 chapters and if I like the story I will continue reading it.
I’m constantly editing this post because of the waiting list.
There is a possibility that I have a spelling or grammatical mistake while I write the review, I don’t really check them after I finish and I write while I’m reading your story.


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  5. If you are going to get mad because I said something negative about your story, don’t post it here.

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Hope I can help you guys! :two_hearts:


BELLE Henderson
twins find out they are the last witches of there kind

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Magia: Inner Circle
Tj Author
Want to attend a school like Hogwarts? Join a magic academy where YOU learn spells, find love, have friends and enemies and uncover secrets by making choices that change your path!



Thank you for starting this thread! I would love a review. I’m always looking for ways to improve my story and I look forward to your feedback. I’ll give your story a read too and follow you on Instagram in a few.

Title: The Essentia Chronicles
Author: Tldax913
Episodes: 10 (ongoing)
Style: INK
Genre: fantasy
Description: Kadence is a powerful essence with a troubled past. Will she be able to embrace her power in time to save her realm or will darkness consume her?
Link: HTTP://episodeinteractive.com/s/6652498123816960
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
Side Note: My first episode is very long and probably should have been cut halfway through and then continued as chapter 2. However, I’m already almost finished typing chapter 11 and before I publish it, I would like to know if it would benefit the story if I shorten chapter



Could you please put the link of your story so I can make your review

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Hi! Thanks for creating this thread! Thank you!!! Here’s my story:
Name: Girl Of Deception
Description: Aria Lamar has is all. She’s rich, beautiful and smart. But she’s an arrogant jerk and has no compassion. Little does she know that’s all about to change.
Genre: Adventure
Btw: My cover is different, this one is being approved by episode at the moment.

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Title: Choose?!!!
Author: @ya
Genra: adventure/sci-fi
No. Of episode: 3
Description:You aren’t a superhero, nor have magical powers! Just a wrong wish of your’s , causes Fate of whole human race to be in your’s hands!!! Will you Succeed or face defeat?? (2 ends)

Magia: Inner circle REVIEW

So the beginning of the episode was pretty confusing, then there were two different characters named “Nature” and that’s a bit weird, then as the son appears I started to understand a bit more

The part when they tell me that I have powers it’s a bit unreal, I mean how would you react if you found out that you have powers, just try to make a bit more drama in that part

Again the story feels unreal, when they are traveling to Magia everything is happening way to fast, and when she asks if Kip is single I thought “I just met him and I’m already hitting on him?” It’s a bit weird, again try to make your story like if you were the one living it, make them talk and know each other better, start a friendship

The chapter was really short, I’m guessing it was 400 lines which is nothing, I recommend you to make the chapters with at least 1500+ lines which would be an average episode

Overall it’s a story that has potential I guess, but you need to work in the directing, the dialogues and how you develop the story

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My story called my amazing wolf my episode name is SANDY my Instagram is daddys_little_girl_crossover

Hi @paumarr! Please read and review my story with @S.Dsan

Story title: Quiet Confidence
Author’s Name: Winter05 with S.Dsana
Genre: Drama
Story style: INK
Description of the story: People don’t talk to you, but not because of your status. What will happen when a billionaire sets his eyes on you to take you to the top?
Number of episodes: 3 [ONGOING]
Instagrams: @winter05.episode with @princesssana_sa
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4942036682014720

We hope you enjoy it!! :heart:

~ Winter :snowflake:

Thank you for your honesty!

Hello @paumarr! If haven’t read my story yet try it here. Hoping you’ll be entertained. Your feedbacks would be appreciated. Thanks! :blush:

Title: Puppy Love
Author: Lou
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Number of episodes: 5
Description: Jason caught himself in a CRAZY, complicated situation. Watch out on how he will handle his true feelings for Alli. Will he fall in love with his DOG??
Link: https://www.episodeinteractive.com/s/i/5630801559027712

Story title: H & V:Taming Him (CC)
Author’s Name: UnknownSnowFlake
Genre: Romance and Action
Story style: INK
Description of the story: You just find out that you’ve been betrothed to a sexy yet callous billionaire. But there’s just one problem. You’re a vigilante, and he’s trying to kill you.
Number of episodes: 6 [ONGOING]
Instagrams: @episode_snowflake
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6155554812329984

The Essential Chronicles REVIEW

Hey so I had your review ready, and I accidentally erased it and I lost everything I had written, I tried to re-write everything I could remember, I’m really sorry

I loved the way you use the overlays in your story it’s beautiful!

I like how you start the story, I was a bit lost at the beginning because I didn’t understand a thing, but I guess that was your intention, I like that it starts that way because it has the readers engaged with the story

In the scene where uncle Chris pushes Kadi against the wall they move way too fast, I don’t know if that was the intention of it, but if that wasn’t the case you should be careful there

The length of the first episode is perfect! 1800 it’s just great, because it isn’t too long nor too short, that way the readers don’t feel that they are throwing their passes away and they don’t get tired of reading

I like the way you fill the reader with more information about your story when Kadi asks questions in the flashbacks and thanks to that the reader can have a better idea what happening

I love how you put quotes at the begging of each chapter

Again, when you use spot directing and your characters walk to another spot, sometimes they walk too fast, I don’t think that’s what you wanted to do, so try using “in x” (x= number of seconds) at the end of the command so they don’t look like super fast people

In the scene were Kadi and Josh are blending and Kadi collapses the overlay the green aura is still there for a few moments after the moment when the auras are supposed to disappear

The length of the chapters is great! I just love it! I feel that the passes that I’m spending in your story are totally worth it! Keep it up with the good work!

Overall it’s a really cool story, very different, original and I think you just need to work with the fast walking and that’s it!

Here’s my info:

Title: Recovery
Author: Tilly
Genre: Drama
Number of episodes: 4
Description: Follow Quinn as she recollects on her childhood and teenage years, packed with drama, romance and a battle with depression
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6586427258961920

Thank you! :heart:


Thank you so much for your review. It means a lot to me that you enjoyed reading it! I really appreciate your kind words and suggestions. :slight_smile:

I definitely go through my story and try to fix my spot directing. I’m not the best with coding but I will add the “in=x” and hope for the best.
Again Thank you so much for this!

Have a great day!

( I have your story in my favorites and I look forward to reading it soon!)

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I’ve JUST published a new story about Greek Gods and Goddesses!



Author Name: Giselle Crescent

Genre: Fantasy

Number of episodes: 3

Description: Being the daughter of Zeus isn’t easy. Add responsibilities and your mother having cancer topped on with a forbidden temptation to a boy who can rock your world , literally. CC

Small Cover:

Large Cover:


Girl of Deception REVIEW

So I want to start by saying that in your description says “Aria Lamar has is all” and it should say “has all” or “has it all” but it still sounds weird so I recommend you changing it to “Aria Lamar has everything”.

There’s a scene where you are using a desk overlay, and it’s misplaced, it looks like it’s flowing in the air.

Your fist chapter was really short, I’m guessing around 400 lines, try making them 1500+ lines which would be an average chapter!

I did notice, you have a great directing, simple but clean.

Try using the “&” instead of the “@“ for reactions or actions, it makes the action happen at the same time as other things and it gives your story a smoother look…

When Aria says “mi amigo” she is talking to Lisa, but the word “amigo” is in male form, if you want to use it for a female is “amiga”, so it should say “mi amiga” and also it’s not necessary to use “mi” it’s fine if you only say “amiga” (My native language is Spanish so if you need help, just ask me!).

The “arrival” of Aria to the realm where she is trapped is a bit dry, I think you could add some more drama or dialogues.

I loved the irony when Cassian called Aria “cupcake” I did laugh a lot in that part.

The last scene of chapter 2 where Aria enters her room and someone else is in there (he should be in zone 1) , you are paning from zone 1 to zone 2 and there is no one in zone 1 at the moment, so it looks a bit weird when Logan enters, I recommend you using “@ cut to zone 2” so it enters directly to zone 2 without paning.

When Aria and Logan are talking and Logan asks Aria if she was a maid it’s a bit controversial, because she literally found him in her room, and you said she as a maid lived in the castle, so it really doesn’t make sense.

So your spot directing it’s a bit weird, some characters are bigger that the other ones, be careful there.

In some scenes the characters appear from nowhere, and it’s a bit weird

The scene where Aria is talking with the princes feels a bit robotic

Overall it looks like a great story, not at all what I was expecting, and it does have a lot of potential, I just think the episodes could be longer, that way you can engage more readers, and work with the “&” it will really help you and your story.

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Thank you so much! I will definitely use your advice to make my story better!

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