Honest Story Reviews

Hello! My name is allyy20, and I love helping people out in various ways.

If you want an honest story review, I’d love to read your stories. I will be giving you constructive critism and my full opinion on the story itself, and will tell you why you have less reads etc.

Author Name:
Story Title:
Published(yes or no):
Instagram(optional if you want the review posted here and/or on instagram)
Cover Art:
Any Specific Suggestions You Need Help On:

I will be grading your story on an overall 40 points
Chapter Length:
-How long the chapter is
-Warnings, Sounds, etc
5 points on animating:
-How many there are
-Effective to the story
Music and Sounds
-Way of saying stuff
Zooms and Spot Directing:
-How much you use them
-How original it is
-If it is too rushed into the story

Highest Points:
5 - No need in suggestions; perfect
4 - Needs little improvement; good
3 - Needs some improvement; okay
2 - Needs lot of improvement; almost bad
1 - Needs a lot of help; bad
0 - Needs to work in the area, and will be given help even if unneeded; very bad

I hope I can help you!



Hey, it would be great if you could give me a honest story review :slight_smile: I always like some feedback about what I can improve :slight_smile:

Username: idieinyourarms
Story Title: LOST IN YOU
Genre: Romance
Description: You always liked to play safe. But it’s time for someone to show you the wild side of life. Are you ready to take a risk?
Cover Art:

Episodes: 8 published, 9 is ready and 10 in work :slight_smile:
Suggestions: Well I’m open for any critic! But I would really like to know if the timing of the plot is okay or things happen too rushed or take too much time. :))

Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile: haha I did it myself, I’m doing photoshop and all that stuff in college :smiley:

Of course! :slight_smile: You just have to send me some screenshots and what you want exactly and I can see what I can create :star2: :slight_smile:

Yes, my name is the same there! idieinyourarms

Could you send me a private message? My account is the same there too. My last post was on we’re moving forums.

I love “Lost In You” :heart:

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Okay, so I read the story and I have a few suggestions.
Your plot is okay, it’s actually pretty good.
I would recommend using more zooms.
Also, in your first episode, don’t put that enjoy the story message.
And to make it better, you should put the,“You know those cheesy love stories” message before your customization, so it’s more of a hook.(I guess).

Overall, your story is great!


Thank you very much! I will try to work on those points! :slight_smile:

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Hey! So I think my story may have a slow start but I would love any feedback you can give me :heart:

Story Title : The Art of The Deal

Author : GraceX

Style : Ink
Episodes : 9 ongoing

Genre: Action/Comedy/Slight Romance


Story: Isobel lives a secret life but is captured by Dark Chaos, a gang with a twist. Fighting for the greater good! But have there lives crossed before?

Title of the story : Trail Of Tears
Name of the author: Cindy
Story genre : Drama/Romance
Description : A girl who goes through a lot in her life. Some days are good and some days are bad she wants to just be a normal girl that does not have to run away from her problems. CC
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5548954080247808
Style : Ink

Hello Ally! Thank you for this post :blush:

Username: Terri Foals
Story Title: Forbidden Love
Genre: Action/Romance
Description: Lauren works for police station in Winston-Salem. Its environment divides spree killer. Will she choose damage or love?
Cover Art:
Episodes: 1-14 (season 1 completed)

Thanks for a feedback! Hope you’ll enjoy :heart:

Hi I would love a review for my story.

Username: Manna
Title: Mei
Genre: Action
Description: It was almost as if he was waiting for me to come to his rescue, a trap set for me. Instead he fell into mine…
Cover Art:
Episodes: 1-4
Suggestions: I am open to all suggestions to make my story better for my readers.
Link: Mei

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Just finished reading the first chapter, and I had to say, the story is amazing! One thing I suggest is when she wakes up from her bed, don’t put her in screen left/upscreen left. I recommend spotting her near the bed so it looks better. I love the plot and how long the chapter length is. Overall, your story is great.

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Hey, so I finished reading the first chapter.

5 points for chapter length:
I really thought the chapter was probably ten minutes, so it felt long for me.
5 points for zooms and spot directing:
You really used zooms and spot directing often, and that’s great!
0 points for choices:
No choices were put into your story, so yeah…
5 points for cover art:
Your cover art really got me excited to read the story, good job!
5 points on grammar:
I really didn’t see any issues with your grammar.
4 points on plot:
I think your plot is good, but don’t be too descriptive of Issac and Lauren, because people will probably get bored if you describe too much on their old relationship.
5 points on music and sound:
You used a lot of music and sounds, which made me feel like I had a better experience

Other Suggestions:
I think at the beginning when you first see Lauren and Sarah, cut off your intro music immediately. Those two music sounds interfering with each other does not sound pretty.

Overall, your story score is a 29.

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Hey, Grace, finished the first chapter.

2 points on chapter length:
It felt like 1 or 2 minutes, please make them longer.
3 points on zooms and spot directing:
You used spot directing quite a bit, but no zooms. And also, make your characters placed in the right size, cause our males look too tall, and Isobel looks like she’s gonna fall off her bed. And she looks like a basketball player since her head almost touches the ceiling.
1 point for choices:
You had only one choice, and it was for a dressing game.
2 points on cover art:
Your cover art is kinda boring, didn’t really hook me onto the story. Make your characters move!
2 points on grammar:
Your grammar was kinda bad, please capitalize your letters and put your periods.
2 points on plot:
I didn’t really get your plot.
0 points for music and sounds:

Other Suggestions:
Don’t be so descriptive, it makes people bored. And don’t make your characters pop up randomly.

Overall, your score is 12.

Thanks so much! I really didn’t know what I was doing with the first one and did it with the episode phone App! Which I do not rate!

But from ep 4 and onwards I use the laptop to code and the story is much better.

I will do the things I can to make it all better.

I super appreciate all your comments xx

Hi there!

My story info:
Author name: Anna Raehart!
Story Title: DREAMERS
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Mystery
Description: Juggle a love triangle, an mysterious person on a quest to expose you, and a reporter uncovering your dirty secrets.
Published: yes :slight_smile:
Cover art:

I hope you enjoy my story!

Hey, everyone! Wanted to see what you guys think of my story reviews! If you want me to read the next episode of your story, let me know. Are you guys finding my comments helpful? If you want some more publicity, dm me on instagram @epi.allyy for a posted story review.

Author:Author trentino Story: **
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Story description: Susan Chamberlain is being abused by her husband Victor Chamberlain. Victor refuses to let Susan go due to her secrets of the past, will Susan be able to escape him and have a chance at true love Find out NOW !
** Episodes 10 (ongoing)

** Genre: Action**

EPISODE 11 IS ON THE WAY. still working on it.