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Hey! I’m looking for new stories to read! The point of my reviews is to help you improve by giving you my opinion of how you can do it even better. Nobody’s story is perfect, especially in the beginning. F.eks my story has improved a lot since I began! I will be grading your story from multiple aspects, and give you a score out of 100 percent. Please don’t get offended by your score, I remind you that this is just my personal opinion.

Grading Rationale;

Grammar/Spelling: 1 to 10

Directing: 1 to 10

Story: 1 to 10

Length: 1 to 10

Cover: 1 to 10

If you want to have your story reviewed, please fill out this:

Number of Episodes:
Additional notes:

I will not review your story if you give me more facts than the requirements. Simply because I don’t want to waste my time on an review that takes a lot of my time, when you used 1 sec to copy paste. You can ask other people to review your story as well, but this will just show me that you’ve actually read the rules.

I use hellahhhh long time doing this reviews, just look how detailed reviews I give. So in return you have to read one episode of my story “No-body”. You don’t have to send any proof, so you don’t have to read it… but that’s kinda mean considering how much time I use on your review… My episode is not really long, so it doesn’t take much time anyways.

I will like your comment when I’m doing your review!


Title: The Spy Next Door
Author: //Passion//
Number of chapters: 6 (7 coming out soon)
Additional Notes: Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Leah decides she needs more independence from her Mafia parents, little does she know that they hired a Spy to watch her every move…


Title: When Time Stopped
Author: NatalieJade
Number of Chapters: 3 (4 out soon)
Additional Notes: Any advice to get more readers? I haven’t had much luck and I believe my plot and directing is good, but it’s not the popular “Gangster teacher gets 16 year old preggo” plot so I’m trying to get more readers.


Title: Gang Affiliated
Author: Annie K.
Number of Episodes: 27
Additional notes:


Hello! Thank you for doing this! It is very nice of you.
Title : Distractors
Author : Little ab
Number of episodes : 4


Hey if you get a chance I would really appreciate a review and would be happy to read your story in return :slightly_smiling_face:
Title: Lana’s Love

Author: KittyKoala

Number of Episodes: 11

Additional notes: Lana is beautiful but her insecurities rule her life. Can he change that; even with the secrets he’s forced to keep?


The Spy Next Door

Grammar/Spelling: 7
Reasoning: There was a few comma mistakes, at least 3. I also found some sentences that was missing a word.

Directing: 5
Reasoning: When Eva is first introduced she is supposed to enter the room, but instead she suddenly popped in. The other negative note I got is at the party. It’s supposed to be a party, and its 2 people at the dance floor. That’s not really impressive… A party is really hard to direct if you want it to look good or realistic, but there exits party templates if you search for it. This takes time, but I would say it’s worth it.

Plot: 8
Reasoning: So it takes a lot of time before you get into the story. But when you get into it, I do like it. Nice.

Length: 9
Reasoning: Good length. But the cliffhanger, it’s not the best. You want to ensure that the reader continues, and if I choose to continue, it’s not because of the cliffhanger.

Cover: 7
Reasoning: I like the covers, but they’re a bit unclear and doesn’t have good quality.

Overall: 72%


Title: The bad girl
Number of episodes: 3 edited, 2 not edited
Additional notes: I’m not good with grammar​:joy::joy::joy:
*I’m going to read your story, what’s about?


Title: Our Story
Author: Ki_Writes
Number of Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4786197070741504
Thank you for doing this!


Title: Stardust
Author: Rachel rose
Chapters: 4
Additional notes: Romance/drama


When Time Stopped

Grammar/Spelling: 10
Reasoning: Really good! I didn’t find any spelling errors.

Directing: 9
Really good, Natalie!
I will just leave some notes if you want to reach perfection!

First, when a character is talking, the character who is listening, should not just stand still! To make your story more realistic, add animations like: Listen and shiftweight (…)
I felt like the transition from Everett to Mort was a bit unclear. I didn’t really get that we changed to another perspective in the beginning. (A good alternative, could be to use reader messages. Idk if you’re familiar, if not just searched it up! :slight_smile: )

Right after everyone is killed at the hospital and Mort, Leon and Scar is on their way out. It’s weird that Leon stops and just stares out in the blue. He should rather exit the room and then come back again to get Mort. That scene would Improve a lot!

The last thing I have to add is that I think it’s strange that after Everett runs to get bandage, he doesn’t even try to wake Amaya up.
Plot: 10
Reasoning: Ooo, I love how it cuts right to the case! This is so original, I love it! So excited to read further! :wink: AND I LOVE THAT WE PLAY AS MALES
Length: 10
Reasoning: It’s quite long, and I like that!

Cover: 6
Reasoning: I like your small cover! But the big cover looks like the person who made it (or you) just made a small version and then you used it as the large cover, even though its the incorrect size…

Grade: 90%

Over to your question–>
Before we get into it, I just want you to remember that reads is just a number. You shouldn’t be doing it for reads, but because you love it.
I believe your directing and plot is good as well!
I wouldn’t say I have that many reads, but when I first started getting more views.
It was actually when I updated my cover. (small version)
This may seem silly, but it’s the first thing the reader’s eyes are drawn to.
Another thing is that you need to give it time. I didn’t get 30k before 3/4 months. We can’t all be lucky and get feathered or added to the months shelf. We just have to keep working okay, keep posting episodes, and you will get results!

And yes I put a lot effort into this reply thanks for noticing lol, be sure to check out my cringe and cliche story!

Pm if it is something more gurl!


Would you like to read my story? :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

**Title: Enagaged **
Author: Navya Sallan
**Genere: Comedy **
Style: Ink
My Instagram: navya.episode
Link: https://www.instagram.com/navya.episode/

Episodes: episode 6 is OUT! :kissing_heart:

Description: what happens when you suddenly find out that you are engaged to a hot stranger in America and you are forced to move to America with him!!!

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/58103226482032641


Title: The Heart Won’t Let Up
Author: Aquarius-kiss
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 5 (ongoing)
Story Description: Heavenly has been let down her whole life and although she would love to give and receive love her heart just won’t let up, will Ace change that or will it all crumble before them.


This was really helpful, I have already changed the background, made it clearer of the changing perspectives and I changed the awkward Leon bit. Thank you so much for this great review, I honestly take criticism way better than compliments lmao and now I know what I can work on. It was also really reassuring that you think my plot is original, since that’s what I strive for. :heart:


Title: Zartrensa: Hearts of War
Author: Clarkie Number of
Episodes: 4 (ongoing, ep 5 is waiting on a background approval but is complete)
Additional notes: Let me know how you feel about the characters and overall plot


Gang Affiliated

Grammar/Spelling: 10
Reasoning: I didn’t really notice any grammar mistakes, good job

Directing: 7
Reasoning: I love your use of filters, and it makes it very clear that time has stopped! I haven’t read many stories with filter, and this was really good!

The story starts at school, but then she popps home and is about to go to School? Is it a flashback, is it the intro? Idk!

Your zooms is a bit slow. Sometimes when you use zoom that slow, you should have text. When you introduced Nolan, I felt like I was just waiting for the zoom and filter to end, so you could start introducing him. It would be more smooth if you started introducing him, the second you started zooming.

In the beginning of the story, the MC is supposed to grab something to eat, but actually she is just standing still and suddenly a cupcake appears. If you want to score 100% on the directing, you have to make this more realistic.

Bus scene was a bit weird, she was waiting for the buss, then she dissaper, and then the bus arrives. You should rather remove the character when the bus drivers past her.

Right before class the mc is talking with Nolan. Other people enters the room. But instead of standing like a normal person they settle right behind Jupiter and Nolan like flys. To make it more realistic, they should rather walk through the crowd, and rather stand in zone 2.

Weird that after the backdoor didn’t work, she walks back to her mom, even though she is the one she’s trying to avoid. She should rather stay put and then find another way.

When Jupiter is supposed to change her clothes back, it’s weird that I get to choose what to wear, since I already had chosen. You should rather use remembering choices…
Plot: -
Reasoning: I think it’s weird that the description doesn’t cover the first episode.It didn’t have anything to do with the first episode. So I don’t really know what to write here, I thought the episode was about something else until I read the description… You can try to explain it to me?

Length: 8
Reasoning: I like the length! But the cliffhanger, wasn’t that good. It didn’t make me want to read further. You don’t need to use cliffhangers, but when you go for it, make a cliffhanger that makes the reader have to read further. (quick zooms can also make a cliffhanger, even better).

Cover :10
Reasoning: I love your covers, and they fit very well to the description.

Overall: 70% (just explain me the plot, and maybe I will change it)


Grammar/Spelling: 10
Reasoning: I didn’t find any mistakes! Good!

Directing: 9
Reasoning: Great intro! I love when people do this! Your directing was really good! This is just some small notes, to get it even better:

In the second scene Daniel is supposed to walk in, but in stead he slides in. So he kinda just stands when he moves.

When the mom opened the door for this mysteries guy, there is nobody there in a second, but suddenly the guy popps in. When you change background/overlay add in the character as well.

At the hospital, when the mom is about to die. A doctor runs in to help, but you need to do layering here, because the doctor was behind them and was rear. So that looked kinda stupid.

Plot: 6
Reasoning: I love this, it was exciting throughout the hole episode! The description also fits well, even though it doesn’t really cover the episode, since she hasn’t been kidnapped yet… I think it’s really well made and I love the little brother hahaha, he was sooo cute!

I don’t know where to add this, so I will just add it here. There was no choices? You could at least made one… You lose some points here…

Length: 9
Reasoning: It’s a bit short, but I like it!

Cover: 8
Reasoning: I like the small cover a lot, it really reflects what the story is about! The large cover on the other hand, doesn’t tell me that much. It’s an okay edit.

Grade 84%
Overall, I think this was a really great story!


Thank you so much I am very grateful with this constructive feedback – oh god I am dreading extra work, but if that’s what it takes then I’m going to have to do it


Lana’s Love

Grammar/Spelling: 7
Reasoning: There was some spelling mistakes, and sometimes you ended the speech bubble with and.

Directing: 6
Reasoning: I like the spotting in the cafeteria!
Hug between Lana and Clyde in the classroom, was a bit strange. Lana should be the one who is rear in the hug… I also hate that they walk backwards after the hug.

Sometimes character talks without opening their mouths and Lana also enters the last scene without walking. She is just moving while standing.

Plot: 4
I feel like the speech bubbles are too long, instead of telling the story, you should show. It also gets kinda boring when they all just stands together and tell each other what they did in the break.I kinda predicted that it would be the new guy who saved her swell.

Length: 8
Reasoning: It was long, something I like! (just as I mentioned, don’t have too much text!) It was a good cliffhanger, but to make a cliffhanger even better you can use zoom! (fast)

Cover: 6
Reasoning: I like the large cover, but I’m not that impressed. I didn’t like the small cover, it was a bit unclear, and it doesn’t really tell me what the story really is about.

Overall: 62%


Thank you so much for your feedback :slight_smile: