Honest story reviews!


The guard and the food pop in? I didn’t notice it! Thank you so much for letting me know, I hate when it happens!:see_no_evil::joy:
As for the speechbubbles, I feel you, it’s SO annoying when they aren’t in the right spot. I’ll have to fix them all soon!

Thank you so much for everything and sure, I’m going to read your story right now!:heart_eyes::heart:


Great! have a nice day further :smile:


Hi again.
It’s strange that you gave me such low score for spelling/grammar. Because 2 readers (which is not much) said my grammar was good throughout the story. :slightly_smiling_face: And you mentioned only 2 things about grammar which very well can be typing mistakes too.

  1. I 'll instead of I’ll is a grammatical mistake, you say. While writing on paper the space between I and 'll isn’t noticeable as per me. :grinning:
  2. And “May be” (wrong) instead of “Maybe”(right) was a typing mistake! A space extra again.

I just wanna say. I feel like my book/story was judged by its cover. And decided everything inside will be similar. Whereas, my small cover is just a click-bait, which lots of authors do. I don’t wanna name them but another gangster story with many million reads have a similar click bait cover. The coding and direction judgement I don’t mind. :slightly_smiling_face: But, Spelling/Grammar, that’s very important to me and Reasoning is falling short for 5/10 score as per me. No offense!

Also, in this thread’s beginning you should mention that you will review your story on one episode. Because, authors who work hard and if it’s their first story where people improve in later chapters as they learn coding and direction well with practise, a review of their whole story based on only one episode (is unfair and)will be a negative publicity for them. :slightly_smiling_face:

One humble request, please mention in this thread’s beginning that your story review will be based on One Episode of the story.

Thanks again, for creating this thread! Good wishes for your story.


I don’t think I should mention that it’s just one episode. If you read my feedback,(especially the directing,) you would have imminently understood that I was just focusing on one episode. Plus I can’t change my post again, since I can only edit it seven times, as I have already done!

  1. I’m sorry you was hurt by your score, and honestly I wasn’t really focusing on your grammar, I just noticed a few things. And sometimes I skipped over the mistakes by a mistake. Anyways, I’m not good at grammar, something you would/have seen when/if you read my story (especially the first episodes), and I gave you this low score because I thought that would fit. But when I look back at it, I would say that I was way too harsh! I think I could give you a 7.

I really don’t care if a story has millions reads. Even though a story has a million reads, it doesn’t have to be good. I’ve read too many of those…

And I know how your directing can improve by time, emh I’m truly ashamed of my first episode of my story. It’s horrible!! But it’s improved with time, and I’m going to revamp! That’s for sure. But the feedback I’m giving you, is more directed for the people who don’t wait 10 episodes for the story to become better. You need to give them something that catches their eyes so they continue reading. Because episode contains mostly of those people.

Anyways about only one episode, it’s still your episode. If first episode is not good enough, it will anyways pull your story down. I’m not posting this anywhere, and it’s just suggestions so your story can become better in my opinion. Your story was not bad, believe me, but there is things that drags it down like directing. But not everybody cares about it, and your story can still hit the top list even though your directing is simple.

I did not find your score low, but yeh someone gets higher and someone gets lower. All we can do is improve.



Yeah, even I have. Makes me wonder how do they hit that many reads. The cover is provocative :wink: or the descrition is catchy. Inside, not much

Yeah, I know. But, I found out when someone visits my forum profile, it shows in activity of my profile that I have received a review/commented/posted. So, it was showing on my profile. Thus, I had to reply you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, we all try it. I have that much sportsman spirit to handle review or criticism. But, grammar is something I really care about. Nothing personal. :blush:


Omg! I was just thinking about that one! the directing is horrible, and yeah, off.

oh okay.

Yeah, we all try it. I have that much sportsman spirit to handle review or criticism. But, grammar is something I really care about. Nothing personal. :blush:

Yeah sorry about that://


Yeah, we are talking about the same story! :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

Good wishes for your current and next story. I’ll add you on IG. Bye.

Blunt. Grace


Hey there, so I finally revamped my story.
There’s four chapters, but only the first one is available (it’s the only one that is not locked), due to final touch ups and editing I need to do on the other chapters.
The title is the same: Beautiful Chaos
And my username is Calliah.
It would mean a lot if you would review it :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time!


Hey again! Ofc I will do it, but just make sure to read the rules once again because they might been changed and make sure to follow them. Thank you in advance<3


Oh of course I will read No-body! I love reading community stories so that won’t be a problem for me.
Thanks again for your time :slight_smile:


If you can, whenever you can! Thank you!
I’ll read yours soon as well :slight_smile:

Title: DD: Some Sort of Love
Author: LameCast
Number of Episodes: 2! Please don’t read 3. It’s being worked on still.
Additional notes: Please don’t read episode 3, it’s being edited!


Title: No changes after a year
Author: Teddy’s Dollhouse
Number of Episodes:1
Additional notes:Zen had a beautiful childhood until he was 10 years old with his father but after meeting a beautiful women who claims to be his true mother everything changes.

I will read your story too!


Hello @Tuva I would like to receive a review, please. :blush:
Maybe you’ll find some gramatical error because my main lenguage is spanish.

I already read No-Body. :smile:

This is my story.

Story title: Rewinded life.

Author name: Lia Lopez.

My instagram: lia_lopez_episode

What would you do if a galactic being gives you the power to go back and change situations that escapes from your hands?

Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance, situations of life.

Episodes: 6 (Ongoing - Working on chapter 7.)



My story isn’t finished yet but I’d love for a review of so far…



:stuck_out_tongue: I’d love a review.

Story Name: The Godmothers’ Heir
Description: A year ago a tragic shooting and two gang members try capturing you. Now a year later it’s your turn to find out why, but how simple is that for two teens still in highschool?

Genre: Action/Adventure
Sub-Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Drama, Romance
Some tags: CC, Choices,Trailblazer, Cliche-Breaker,

Instagram : @lee.lee_26 Link:https://www.instagram.com/lee.lee_26/?hl=en
Leave a follow :wink:

Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6065730015199232


This is my first story on Episode and I would really appreciate your feedback!

Title: Teacher or Queen?
Author: Mystique
Number of episodes: 3 (only TWO out!!!)

Additional notes: I believe that the first chapter is the most important one so I want to make it perfect. And now I finally published second episode to get the reader more of an idea what is going on and to introduce more characters.

Thank you!


Author: Anna
Number of Episodes: 3
Additional notes: Anne lives the same day again and in the end she gets killed by someone, now she tries to figure out who’s the killer. Story is filled with drama and romance.


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The mermaid’s love

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