(Hopefully) Helpful Questions for Developing Your Vampires

This post is filled with questions that will (hopefully) help at least one person on developing their vampires. This post is for both episode and non-episode stories. The hidden details are my answers to the questions.

1. Can they fly?


They have the ability to fly but they have to either turn into a bat/bats or sprout wings first.

2. Can they shape-shift?


They can turn into a bat or a cloud of bats.

3. Do they have enhanced abilities?


They have enhanced senses and speed. They can use echolocation and can see in the dark.

4. Do they have psychic powers (telepathy, psychokinesis/telekinesis)?

5. Can they unnaturally heal themselves?


Yes, they heal faster than humans. The older they are the faster they can heal.

6. Are they immortal?


No, but they age slowly, and they also possess longevity (they have a longer lifespan than humans).

7. Do dhampirs’ (half humans half vampires) exist in your universe?


Yes, they exist but human vampire relationships are looked down upon.

8. When a human is turned, do they get to keep their humanity (human nature, kindness)?

9. Can they use glamour (the ability to change your own appearance)?

10. What/Who can harm/k*ll them?

  • Werewolf venom
  • Stake to the heart (K)
  • D*capitation (K)
  • Being burn (K)
    *Fire (H)
  • Vampire slayers/supernatural hunters (Both)
  • Their Sire/Dame (Both)
  • Starvation/Malnutrition (K)

11. Are vampires benevolent or malevolent?
11a. Can they be both?


They can be benevolent, malevolent and sometimes even both.

12. How are humans turned? What/Who can turn them?


The vampire has to drain the human if their blood until the human is in the brink of d*ath. After this, the human has to drink or inject the vampire’s blood into them. The vampire that turned them is known their Sire/Dame.

13. Who was the first human to be turned into a vampire and how was they turned?


I haven’t fully fleshed out the lore yet but the first person to be turned would probably be Maryanne. She was on her "dath bed" and her father didn’t want to lose her, so he used bood from a subspecies of bats and used to help heal her. Instead of healing her, it turned her into a vampire.

14. Do they have to rest in coffins, and do they need their homeland soil?

15. Are they known to human society?

16. Do they have their own form of society?

17. Who/What are their progenitor?
17a. Who/What created them?


A subspecies of vampire bats. A woman named Fera created them.

18. What are their physical attributes?

  • They have retractable fangs.
  • Their eyes can turn grey (like the moon), black (like the night) or red (like b*ood).
  • Their fangs are coated with venom (that can k*ll a werewolf).
  • Their skin is paler than their normal skin color.

19. What happens during the daytime?
19a. Can they go out during the daytime?


They are sleeping. Dhampirs can go out since they are daywalkers.

20. Do they have a reflection?

Usually vampires couldn’t cast a reflection because they either didn’t have a soul or because mirrors were lined with silver (which is seen as one of a vampire’s weakness).

21. Is there a cure for vampirism and if so what is it?


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These are great questions to help out fantasy writers!

And your answers have me intrigued about your vampire society lol

Thanks so much.

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