Hopeless romantic

Okay so if there is a topic on this already im sorry but im dying for a really good romance story. A love story and just makes you warm inside. An epic love story. Ya know? So if anyone could give me some titles of some really good ones you would make my entire week :joy:. Thanks in advance.

Mature content is fine. Anything honestly just looking for a good romance story line. :heart:

Awesome i will go check them out that you so much for the help.

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Some other great ones are
Deep Attraction series
Forbidden Pleasures
Engaged To A Vampire
It Started With A Bra
The Baby Project
Deepest Desires
The Assistant
Rebounding With Bad
Intoxicating Kisses
Playing For Keeps

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The cutest love story I’ve read so far was ‘Best Mistake’ by Violet Madison. If you haven’t read it yet, I really recommend it because I’m the exact opposite of a hopeless romantic and it was probably the only romance-focused story I could finish reading.

I havent read that one actually. I will go check it out. I know im a sucker for romance. If it wasnt so hard i would write one myself but i cant do it😂 but ive been dying for a epic love story. Thanks for the suggestion and if you happen to run across more please let me know. And thank you for the help im gonna go check the story our right now.

I’m still building up the romance in my vampire story,(backstory) but I would consider where it’s going to be epic romance if you want to check it out. It’s called A Single Rose about a slayer who is turned into a vampire and ends up falling for a human

Of course i will check it out. :heart: Im always up for any story with romance. Thanks for the help i will go check it out.

Awesome thanks. I will go add all these to my reading list i have read a few but there are a few i havent thanks for the help.

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