Horror music and sounds

Hi, I would want to know if there are some music and sounds that can be used in a horror/mystery story. I mean music and sounds that create tension and suspense and/or that are scary.
Thank you in advance!

sound doom
sound doom2
sound scary (im not sure if that is the name.)
sound scarystrings

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There are some other sounds that you can use. Those ones what i just send are those that i can remember.

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music music_spooky (not the correct name but see if there is any sound/music that have the text “spooky” in it.

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music_sparseandcreepy (personal favorite for genuinely creepy/horror scenes)

music_spooky (not a fan of this one, but of course considered your standard spooks track)

music_spookyaction (this one is more catchy-action)

The others (more subjective) is music_stressbeat (also my favorite, along with music_morosebellpiano for suspensful/horror scenes.


Thanks everyone! You’ve been really helpful. :blush:

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