Horror stories on episode 😈


I really like reading horror stories and movies ! what do you guys think? should episode have more horror stories??:smiling_imp::joy:


Great discussion topic! Moved to Episode Fan Community as it’s an Episode-specific topic. Carry on! :v:t2:


I have never seen a horror movie I tried, but ran out of the movie theater twice, and the movie was PG - 13, I was 16 at the time so when the time came to write my own story for the ‘All Hallows’ contest two years ago, I came across a difficulty that I don’t know how to write a horror story. x-x /// oof

I would love if Episode would write more horror stories. I think they only horror one they have right now is haunted, and it probably known that I strongly dislike that story plus it’s old and in classic.


I am a horror fanatic! I would definitely love if Episode came out with their own horror story or maybe even team up with another “Hollywood” story, like how they teamed up with PLL and Pitch Perfect (if they do please have me direct it!). Maybe something kind of along the lines of “Scream Queens”-y. Or even a story that has to do with ghosts/entities. Anything in the horror genre I would definitely read!


Watching this thread because horror is my JAM. I’ll come back and add my favorite horror stories on Ep when the app works for me again.


Hahaha horror stories can be hard to watch sometimes but its fun … maybe I’ll write one in the future​:joy::joy:


Agreed :sunglasses:


me: “omg should i write one?”

also me: ya ur gonna piss ur pants first


I actually have a horror story ready, I just have to have a LOT more directing skill than I have now. Then theres a couple that I guess would traditionally be considered horror, but I thibk of them more as thrillers. The latter two scare the characters, the former is meant to scare the reader specifically.


hahahah lol :joy:


Even I happen to have a thing for horror… I might write one in the future… but for now I am working on a story called ENGAGED … if you wana check it out…

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/581032264820326422

But I do have a story In mind… but for that, I dont think episode have enough props , overlays, and cloathing… so it might end up being a daunting task to make your story look good interesting!

Episode does lack these things … but you can upload your own overlays… but clothes are a problem

And even if i wanted to write one story.. that would mean a lot of spot directing and flying/ moving overlays… which can take a lot of time to direct! :kissing_heart::sunglasses:


And as for sounds… episode does have some good horror sounds but they are limited in number, if you want to write a full fledged story… it could be kinda boring to use the same sound again and again…:kissing::no_mouth:


I love horror stories. It would be awesome if Episode would release an official featured horror story, even if just a short story.

Mystery and thriller are my favourite genres to write in but I also have a horror story. Out of all my stories, I found the directing for that one the most challenging.


Yeah agreed… it is hard to like … get that ghostly effect :frowning::frowning: But still horror are one of my favourites… makes you strong :muscle:t2: No??:joy::joy:


I’m sort of yes and no on the topic. Horror stories/movies, in my opinion, sort of take information from each other and in some way copy each other. Not a mirror perfect copy, it’s the format that they do it in. For example, let’s say that there is a movie called ‘Horror Days’. Now, what ‘Horror Days’ is about, is that 4 highschoolers have a party in a cabin in the middle of the woods, then the killer comes and starts killing people. That in itself is me honestly trying to come up with a horror story plot, but even I can see that it’s basically every horror story in existence. It’s because every horror story has been told, and every horror story is ‘cliche’ nowadays, because all and any exciting story that would’ve been amazing and scary 20 years ago, would be heavily critiqued for being a ‘copycat’ in this day and age.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, maybe if we, as a community, band together and vote for some more horror animations/actions maybe we can have some more horror story options. Things that aren’t copied from each other ten-fold. And we, as writers, will be able to make better and more engaging stories as a whole. Or at least stories that won’t be considered ‘copycat’ or ‘cliche’.



Yeah … we can say that.


Eh, I tried.



I would love to see more horror stories on Episode. But they’re not always easy to pull off on this platform. I think the most successful horror story that I’ve seen on Episode is Valor Woods.


Yes i agree… its really hard to write a horror story on episode … but maybe with time … someone would be able to do it !


Horror stories are always the best on Episode, but they’re so hard to make. Even when we come with beautifully directed horror stories like Valor Woods (as @Clover-Ross mentioned) that was only for a contest and was only 3 episodes long, yet I can’t imagine how long it took to direct every scene. I bet it took 2 hours to get one scene completely perfect, because spot directing is a pain. Not to mention that Horror stories are made good by your choices affecting your gameplay, so directing PLUS branching…yeah, I would never have the patience. But they’re great to read!