Horror Stories?

Do horror stories typically do worse on here, because I have a pretty good idea about a horror story but I’m always seeing romance stories and high school type of stories. I guess I was just wondering if its even worth doing a horror story on Episode? Thanks


Yeah. Go for it. Most people don’t know how to write a romance… It’s always a bunch of cliches lol. So yeah, write a horror story.

I don’t think they do worse on episode. No.


Sure, I will figure I’ll go for something a bit different Thank you

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Absolutely worth it! It’s one of the easiest genres to :air_quotes: get noticed :air_quotes: in too, because not many people write in it

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I love a good horror. most people here cant make one they think an abusive boyfriend is horror

If you got some pretty good idea the story will be amazing!:relaxed: we all need a little horror in our lives

So I was reading the amount of chapters I need to get “full access” to Episode but I remember the old Episode where you could choose what type of genre to read but after I got “full access” I could only browse featured romance stories. Maybe my app is bugged but is there a way to do that?

Your app might’ve bugged because I’m allowed to read whatever I want. And you should go for the horror, we don’t get enough of it!



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Mine is has a slight Bit of romance in, But overall I have been told by readers my is a horror, and Is Like a classical version of “Flowers in the attic”
Horror Is the best. I love horror stories! I read them more than romantic stories :slight_smile: x