Horror Story Ideas?

I wanna make a horror story. But I have no idea what to do for it! I need some ideas😭and maybe someone to write it with me?

drop your ideas below or dm if you’re interested in writing it with me! :two_hearts::heart:

I can help, lol

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That would be great!

Soo, pm? me or Dm me on instagram?

Instagrams good, whats your insta? Mines @writes.eriana

kk, I’ll dm you

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I would look up horror story prompts a story I’m working on is based if one I found.

My character wakes up in a prison/ asylum with no memories she only knows she isn’t supposed to be there. Her roommate likes her but she kills every roommate she gets the longest she has gone is 3 days.
That means you have 3 days to escape and it all depends on the choices you make

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I’m still tryna think of one… lol

:joy: :joy: Do these interest you?


You could always make a story about a girl who gets kidnapped and the only contact she has in her phone is the person she hates most? :woman_shrugging: Idk, Just a stupid thought. :wilted_flower: :black_joker:

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