Horror Story: Join the horror

Just ignore the garbage art piece ^^ :joy: I forgot to do the hair :rofl:

Ok so, because most people voted on my last poll that they’d prefer a horror story then the other idea- I have thought of this!

So this story will be in ink because its easier for me to draw in and to edit in- and seeing as this story will require a ton of editing… ink suits it better!

Now here’s the part where YOU come in! So basically I need characters for my story​:laughing: because im a fOol and can’t create characters that are decent and dont make dumb decisions :rofl: I want you to create a character!

Here’s how it works

Read me

Down below you will comment with your ink details (optional, you can make up a character instead if you want), a name for your character and a supernatural creature! (E.x: werewolf, witch, gargoyle, ect.)

But there will not be double of a supernatural creature, unless I make 2 peeps siblings or something. And you will also put your insta user if you have it so I can tag you! If you don’t have insta, just put your forums user :slight_smile:


And for the main characters, I’m gonna draw you as your chosen creature! Because it’ll help me get closer to the characters!

rules if you want to be a character
  1. Please include everything (ink details, name, insta or forums user and creature) in your comment
  2. Not everyone will get to be a character, this is not a competition! It’ll prob just be the first phew lot that put their comments that will be a character.
  3. In your comment also please let me know if you want me to tag u in sneak peeks, and all that stuff on instagram or not.
  4. You can only enter a character ONCE
  5. Tag 2 or more friends because this prob wont get a lotta attention :joy:

– Montana
Have a good day and thanks for reading!

Tags stolen from my last post

Sorry if you didnt wanna be tagged-



(Someone asked me these questions before I posted this so… in case you ask the same,here are the answers!)

Will there be jumpscares and will it be like a real, normal horror story?
Yes, it will be a normal horror story with minor jumpscares :hear_no_evil: dont wanna make u all jump outta ya skin

Will there be romance? Or is it gonna turn into a sappy love story?
No it won’t turn into a sappy love story, you will get to choose if you have romance included in the story

Whats it called or whats it about?
I have some of it planned, but I need the characters all done and prepped so I can plan the rest

Why does the story need lots of editing?
Well… because some supernatural creatures posses non-human features. Like for example, gargoyles have grey skin! and ogres have green skin! ect ect!

(If you have questions or you’re curious on the story, dont feel scared to ask!)

If no one responds to this it’ll prob stay up until either people respond or I get impatient and just make the characters myself :rofl::joy:

Spots Taken

Creatures that are taken so far:

Witch - @lanafrazer_episode @Danielle318 @xetic (no more witches lmao)
Fairy @ArtisticWaffle
Angel @YourSecretAngel
Gargoyle @Nessya @xepisode.ravenx
Werewolf @PHCENIX
Demigod @Awae
Vampire @jessica.epi
Siren @MelanieyM
Demon @Jenaco



Instagram: @lanafrazer.episode



Fairy, please!
Dahlia (it’s a pretty flower!)

Defined Natural
Long Feathered Strawberry Blond
Upturned Bold Black
Classic Orange Crush

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Name: Dakota
A witch, a crazy one, maybe has fire(inferno powers).
Instagram: @episode.danielle_318 Please tag me with story updates and sneak peaks.
Body: Mocha
Brows: Seductive Arch
Hair: Beach Wave (Black)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Taupe)
Face: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full Round (Dusty Rose)


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IG: secret_angel.epy
Creature: can I be an angel lmao

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My info ;)

PS: Tag me if you do sneak peaks on the Forums, my name on the story Nessya

Tag @Jas.K :laughing:

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so uh, i suck and dont have a cutesy details card like the other girls so imma type up what i got !

phoenix ! siren or werewolf
skin colour: toffee
brows: medium angled
hair: beach wave, passionfruit
eyes: upturned feline, brown
face shape: oval
nose: roman
mouth: full round, toffee
dress me up like a baddie !1!1!!!11

my instagram is : @createdbynix , please do tag me in sneak peaks !!

tags: @eilyk @xetic @kurosai @Epi_Info @SkyM


Creature: Demigod, Daughter of Hades (?)
Tag me on Instagram at @awaeepis for sneaks peaks please!


Insta: frxstyspxms
Creature: uhh a witch? Dress me like one of your French girls. Wearing only BAD BIH CLOTHES :skull::sob::sob:

Oh and tag me on insta for sneak peaks and updates plez


I put my details in last time so I have no idea if you want me to do it again but I will


Instagram: _xepisode.ravenx _

Character Details:

If you need anything else just lmk :sparkles:

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Uhhh maybe a vampire or something??
Instagram: @_jessica.epi _

Feel free to change how she looks, so she doesn’t look like others.

You can use me!
Role: Siren, mermaid, or witch biTch
Insta: @mel.epys

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Demon idk? :joy:
Don’t have IG aha.

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@lanafrazer_episode @Danielle318 @xetic (I need you three to decide what kind of witches you are)


what do u have in mind?


well theres different kinds of witches in this story. like dark witch, light witch, I’m tempted to say food witch but im tryna be scary :joy:
and moon witch, those three ive decided on


ill be light witch

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sweet! And since you were the first to respond, im doing your character first :heart: thanks for joining in on the horror :wink::joy:


let me know when its out! :wink:


I most definitely will :joy:

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