Horror/Thriller Recommendations?


Ok so, I love love love love LOVE horror/thriller stories on episode. I especially like ones about a love gone wrong. And I was hoping I could get some recommendations. But I have some requirements. It HAS to be LIMLIGHT and it HAS to be CC. I would also prefer if it wasn’t your own story…


The girl with the purple eyes


The girl with the purple eyes c


I love horror too! I would recommend The elevator game, The game of death and the outbreak! :blush:


Mine is The Hiding Game. A psycho traps a group of partygoers in a hospital and starts picking them off one by one. You’ve got to stay alive, catch the killer and unearth some devastating secrets. Give it a read if you like. :wink:


I’ll for sure read it!!! Thank you so much


I’ve read both of them already :sob: but thank you so much


Np! So hard to find good horror stories! :grimacing:


LL and CC limits the options quite drastically… :frowning:


Rosehaven is a good one that allows for CC and is in Limelight.


I know you asked for LL + CC, but I would highly recommend Haunted: Shroud. It’s in INK and has limited CC, but the overall quality of the story makes up for what it “lacks” :slightly_smiling_face: It scared the bejesus out of me lmao.