Horse riding animation HELP

No matter what I try I can get my character to move and not the horse when attempting to get the horse to gallop along with my character. It is very frustrating and I was hoping for some guidance on how to best programme and direct horse movement.

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Hey! I’m not sure if I understood correctly: are you talking about a riding sequence or about a sequence where the character is running and the horse galloping next to them?

If it should be a riding sequence, this is how I’ve done it in my story:


(the horses are called Jacky and Stardust and the riders are Valerie and Aylin)
@VALERIE faces right AND AYLIN faces right AND JACKY faces right AND STARDUST faces right AND VALERIE spot 0.704 183 142 in zone 1 at layer 3 AND AYLIN spot 0.677 96 184 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND JACKY spot 0.686 104 171 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND STARDUST spot 0.695 182 150 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND VALERIE starts ride_horse_walk_neutral_loop AND AYLIN starts ride_horse_trot_neutral_loop AND STARDUST starts walk_neutral_loop AND JACKY starts walk_neutral_loop (NOTE: this is a place off-screen!!!)
&pan to zone 3 in 7
&STARDUST walks to spot 0.695 199 158 in zone 3 in 7 AND JACKY walks to spot 0.686 96 186 in zone 3 in 7 AND AYLIN walks to spot 0.677 85 200 in zone 3 in 7 AND VALERIE walks to spot 0.704 197 150 in zone 3 in 7 AND VALERIE does it while ride_horse_walk_neutral_loop AND AYLIN does it while ride_horse_trot_neutral_loop AND STARDUST does it while walk_neutral_loop AND JACKY does it while walk_neutral_loop THEN VALERIE starts idle_ride_horse_neutral_loop AND AYLIN starts idle_ride_horse_neutral_loop (the last ‘then’ part is just the part where they stop and stand still at one spot)

tipp: if you have a looping background, you can also just make them move at the same spot and it will still look as if they were moving

you can use identical spots you do not have to spot each manually… the animations are adjusted to fitt the same spott. … more here

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Ooooh wow, #mindflash … I could have spent considerable less time on creating this scene. :thinking: Thank you ahahah! :sparkling_heart: :joy:

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