Horse riding glitch (one leg naked)

Did some horse riding directing for the first time. Couldn’t find any anwers. What is this all about?
A reader sent me the screenshot. Is there any way I can actually fix this or it’s just a glitch and I have no power over it?

I think its a glitch, I saw it in another story recently too :grimacing:

It was actually said when the horses were released
At the end of this post

why is there two feet on the girl? Is that a part of the glitch?


Yeah its part of the glitch, at first idk whats happening it looks weird for me episode is trying to fix this glitch problem for now :revolving_hearts:

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I also think it’s a glitch. It happens sometimes. I was reading one story where a guy was completely naked the whole chapter!

Eh it’s just a glitch, try updating your script

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