Hospital oxygen mask

I am in need of an oxygen mask. Those ones you see in hospitals where the patient in critical care wears them. Can anyone make me one as an overlay? Preferably transparent so you can see the persons face underneath :heart:

How’s this?
Click this link!

Thank you! :heart:

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Happy to help!

Maybe you’d want it like this? I removed the background.

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There was already no background @CinnamonToast The checkerboard means transparent.

It does but it was weird cos it didn’t let me upload as an overlay but as a background instead :confused:

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I know- but when you go on google and you see the checkerboard before you press onto it, it isn’t transparent. If you press on it and when you see it it has the checkerboard, it’s transparent. in this case, the checkerboard was intentionally put there (to trick you as being transparent?) but it wasn’t you can see that if you put that image somewhere, the background won’t be transparent.

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Yes, it’s not transparent-actually images that are transparent on the Episode forums, appear another way:

Check this thread out, click on the heart picture, which can be used as an overlay and notice how the background isn’t checkered.
Also, overlays are supposed to be .png files : )