Hospital room and glass background



Hey does anyone know where I can find the hospital room and glass overlay? Like to have the character watch over the patient from outside the room through the glass?


I’m a background machine! I’ll look for it right away.


Hello @camsxnutella,
I would like to know what type you would like the background… (day or night?..)
I got this one but…


And here is a glass door/window overlay:


That background looks so good!! Is there an overlay for that?


I don’t know… you should check :sweat_smile:


I just found it on Pinterest. :slight_smile:




That is from alexa_episode (she has many more and requires credit and follow for use). Also smg.episode has many hospital backgrounds (also requires credit).




Yeah that’s the one I’m looking for but I think they’re supposed to be one background and other overlay right?


Also yeah that’s good is that yours? Who should I credit if I use it.


Okay thank you so much.


Credit @FreakyEvilMargs on Epi Forums & Claire M. on Epi mobile