Hot from the oven! new story!

Hi Guys how are you today?
I just published my first story about 10 minutes ago.
Please go check it out. :slight_smile:
It’s a LL story + Full CC main characters + art scenes inside
Genre : comedy, romance, drama
Link :


Popular and spoiled- you don’t know how not to get your ways. When he enters your life you’re everything he hates. Will hate lead to love?

It’s a school romance story hope you like it :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: I do R4R too so contact me if you want.


Hey, I’d love to do a R4R with you. Here is my story…

Title - All That Remains

Author - Ren

Instagram -

Genre - Adventure/Sci-fi with a little Romance, Drama, and Comedy

Style - INK

Number of Episodes - 6 (to be continued)

Link -

Description - Lily lives in a world that was completely destroyed by a meteorite many years ago. Will she be able to save the lives of her people or will they all perish instead? (CC) (M/F LI)

Features - Full-CC of MC, Semi-CC of love interests, male and female love interest branches, CHOICES MATTER, point system, advanced directing, art scenes, tappable overlays

This story received a Hidden Gem from episodeaxiom and was chosen as an story review favorite! This story was also featured on the Voices of PWD Shelf!


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Can we do 5 Episodes for 5?

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Yeah, that sounds good to me! I’ll send some screenshots when I’m done reading your story :blush:

Me too :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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We can do r4r :gift_heart:

Here’s the link of my story:


Let’s make this a read for read? Do you have instagram??


This is NOT your typical mob story. Give it a chance!

Author: Carlita Bregante
Genre: Action/Drama
Episodes: 11 (more to come)
Description: Bad girl Nadine has it all figured out. That’s until, she ends up in the clutches of the sexy but"treacherous"Nico, who harbors a dangerous secret. Will she choose to run or stay?

Instagram: @carlitab.episode

I’d be happy to do a R4R with you! Should we read 6 episodes each?

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Hey, I just finished the 5 episodes of your story! Just let me know when you’ve finished reading mine :blush:


Sureeeee! :eyes:

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Okay, I’ll send you screenshots when I’m done reading your story! :blush:

Hii I’ve read your here’s the proof

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Thank you for reading! Keep up the great work with your story! :blush:

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You too :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Hii sure want to do 5 for 5?

I will gladly read your story. I will send you a fanmail once I’ve read the first 3 chapters,
Hope you will give my story a try

I’m Lynn Ann, a brand new writer.
I had just published my first story
Title: Too Good To Be True!
Style: Limelight
Genre: Mainly mystery, as well as romance, psychological thriller and comedy in between
Description: Its about a girl who had pictured her dream guy since her teenage years, and years later she met an exact replica of her dream guy. But is it really too good to be true!

Please give it a read, and send me feedbacks.
Please help me out. I don’t have an IG account. Hope you will be kind enough to give my story a try!

Head to my profile and give my story a read


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I’ll check it out!

Just posted mine too

I’m working on it :slight_smile: Gonna send proof soon

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To be honest your story has interesting plot and I love it for sure.
And I know we’re new writers but directing is important to the story, like the characters supposedly idle when they’re not talking (no speechbubble) and about overlays you need to moves your characters into different layers so it won’t messed up. Hehe sorry if you don’t like my advice I’m telling to make it better because your STORY IS AMAZING :two_hearts::two_hearts::slight_smile: