Hot or Not [GAME]



I would say hes cute

Billie Eilish?


No … Honestly I thin she kind of looks dead lol

What about Marno ASMR?


Eh, sure why not I guess hot

Kovu Kingsrod?


Jennifer Anston?


Oh my god no!

Dylan is in trouble? (He looks bad in his photos but if you check out one of his youtube videos you will fall head over hills for him)


Not - The Rock?


Zayn Malik?


Not my type.

Jude Law?


Christopher Shaw lmao


Kind of

The 12th Doctor?


Idk who is that.
Patrick star? :joy:


No and you google the people you don’t know just like I did with Shaw.

Ben Miller?


Meh I’m too lazy.


Taylor Swift



Why bother then if you don’t know most of these people? Why even be here if more than 50% people you don’t know about.

Wilmer Valderrama?


Good question. :upside_down_face:
Nah not my type.

Shane Dawson.


Yeah a bit

Karl Smallwood lol (I really like him when he smiles)


Uh gonna have to go with not :upside_down_face:

Ryan Ross?



Calvin Harris?


Selena Gomez?