Hot tub overlay

Does anyone have an overlay of a hot tub? Preferably a long one as I want to put two characters in it.


is this okay ?

Could the top be cropped? Because I want to Put them inside it, not behind it.
Also, could I have some bubbles overlay to put in it?

I also have those pictures

Le jeu. 20 juin 2019 Ă  13:10, AJ PELZER via Episode Forums a Ă©crit :

If I could just get the bubbles of the first pic then put them on the hot tub, that would be super.

And this png bubble overlay

Le jeu. 20 juin 2019 Ă  13:13, Shadow a Ă©crit :


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I’m sorry I don’t think I can help because I have zero experience in this

Fair enough

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It’s ok.

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Thanks for understanding

@Shadow666 the pink bubble bath background and the pink bubble bath overlay come from @christy_lovepisode on IG. Remember that if you’re going to help someone with backgrounds and overlays and that if something isn’t yours, you need to give credit :black_heart:

oh I didn’t know because I searched for it on internet and it didn’t give me who to credit

That’s not a very good idea. Getting images off the internet is bad especially when you don’t know their license or where they come from. If you like an image, you need to do research into it, locate it, check out it’s license and see if it’s free for commercial use. Otherwise, you are committing theft and it’s very unfair to the person who spent countless hours working on that. I would encourage you to read more about using images from online and licenses :blush:


yeah sorry but I couldn’t know I’m knew and I don’t have Instagram so I couldn’t know

You don’t need to have Instagram, even if you don’t have it, you should still give credit. Christy removed the link from sharing because too many people were using her images without credit and distributing them over the web. And it’s cool, you’re new but please don’t make a habit of it, thanks.


Thank you for rectifying me

No problem :blush: Sorry if I came off as rude, that was not my intention :sweat_smile: it’s very kind of you to try to help them :wink:

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