Hotel backgrounds needed

I need a hotel lobby/foyer, an office, and the exterior.

My story is largely based around a hotel and I’m struggling to find backgrounds :grimacing:

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Have you already checked

Yeah, I couldn’t really find what I was looking for

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I know that Wincy has it and also me. Find them in our drives :wink:

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I’m sure there is a hotel exterior in the portal

I don’t know if you still need one or if anyone else wants any then I have a hotel ext in my drive

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um, who’s backgrounds are these…?

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The first 5 backgrounds belong to amepisode, the last background belongs to episode.cyberpunk thanks for asking as this person never likes to credit the owners of the backgrounds


i’ve noticed! i wanted to say something so that the artists get proper credit :')

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Where can I find more backgrounds by episode.cyberpunk?

I actually have no idea maybe try finding their instagram