Hotel BLANKET please


Does someone have the overlay hotel sheet for INT. EURO HOTEL ROOM FLIPPED - NIGHT. I need that please and thank you. The blanket.


Can check out this:


Err… Not that link hahaha! I don’t have the Euro hotel beds :persevere: Whoops, better get on that though


Oh my bad :sweat_smile::scream::sob:
Well you are an awesome person providing people with blanket overlays, whether you miss a few, that’s ok, you already did so much :grin:


Thanks… But now I really want to do those hotel rooms!! Only left them out because the filter didn’t include them under the bedroom category :sweat:


Honestly I would have left them too and just focused on backgrounds with bedroom in them. It’s much easier to search for it-the art catalog has way too many backgrounds to go through! :sweat_smile:

Episode seriously needs to give us a system to organize our backgrounds into different categories- kitchen, bedroom, etc. That way if we select bedroom we get access to all the images of a bedroom, even ones that don’t have bedroom in their title-makes life so much easier.
:pleading_face: :smirk:
Good luck! :grin: :revolving_hearts:


Here it is if you need it!


Moved to Art Resources since it’s for overlays. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:


It’s in JPEG. I need it in PNG please.


Is this better


Nice, Kalizzza!


Yes thank you!