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Hotel Cortez

This roleplay starts right after some characters check in at Hotel Cortez. (Some other characters will be ghosts or afflicted) The Hotel is full of dark secrets that nobody knows about; however, many locals have heard that once you check-in, you never check-out. Ghosts roam every corner and danger is everywhere you go. Every ghost in the hotel died there because once you die, you can never leave the place of your death. Many ghosts are bitter and angry, wanting to kill other guests and make them suffer as badly as they are currently suffering. A few ghosts are benevolent and want to help the guests get out of the hotel before they meet their untimely death. Many guests are unaware of all the dangers in the hotel, including the ghosts and the afflicted, also known as vampires. At the time of the guests’ check-in, there are also people being murdered by the Ten Commandments Killer, who has been killing for a couple years. The goal of the guests is to find out who the Ten Commandments Killer is and to get out of the hotel safely, but that might be too late once they realize what’s really going on in the hotel.

Ghosts and the afflicted also have a motive to kill another. Ghosts kill often because they are vengeful and/or bitter. As for the afflicted, they mostly kill to drink the blood of their victim to stay healthy. The afflicted cannot drink the blood of the deceased or diseased. Drinking the blood of somebody who had recently done drugs or had alcohol can give the afflicted similar after effects. In order to turn a human into the afflicted, they must drink the blood of somebody who is afflicted. Once your character is killed, they turn into a ghost, so you can still roleplay as them. For more information on ghosts, click here. For more information on the afflicted, click here.

If you have any questions, PM me or ask on the sign-up thread!


  • Be active! Let me know beforehand if you will not be active for a period of time.
  • Please try to respond to posts with five sentences or more.
  • Please approach others! If somebody else is approachable, just approach them!
  • Before your character kills somebody, ask them for permission first. If you want to kill an NPC or somebody who is inactive, PM me beforehand.
  • Do not control any characters without their permission. (NPCs are an exception unless you’re killing them)
  • For sex scenes, after clothes come off, please skip to after they’re done. (And just don’t be graphic with that in general)
  • Since people are going to die and other violent things may happen, do not be too graphic.
  • Swearing is allowed, but please refrain from making it excessive.
  • Ghosts cannot leave the hotel.
  • Do not tell anybody if your character is the Ten Commandments Killer. Remember, this is supposed to be a secret!
  • Before turning another character into the afflicted, PM me.
  • If you are posting something that isn’t in character, write ORP or OOC. However, please try to save anything that isn’t in character to post on the sign-up thread!

Faceclaims: Click here!
Pictures of the rooms in the hotel/map/list of room assignments: Click here! (I have not finished updating this)
Sign-ups are still open!

Please start by having some or all of your human characters check into the hotel. All other characters can just interact with one another.

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ORP(Out of roleplay) Sorry but, since he/she is called the “Ten commandments killer” which are the commandments that the guests need to follow? Are the biblical ones? Or are some that you created? Thank you

Hotel Cortez - RP - Sign-Ups/Chat

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Is anyone on?


ORP- I am… I forgot my characters names though.

Hotel Cortez - RP - Sign-Ups/Chat

As she looked at the hotel and heard the sound of her cab driving away she looked at the hotel and smiled. The place looked nice. She wasn’t prepare to see such a nice place though when she walked in. She had to admit she heard things about this place, but never heard how beautiful it was inside and out. As she walked to get her room key she held onto her bag as she sat down in the lobby. She just wanted to admire a few people in the lobby first before she went her room.

ORP: Approachable


Reuben Graves || Hotel Lobby
Reuben stood in the lobby, attempting to looking at his appearance in the shiny surface of the reception desk. He brushed his hair off his face with his hand, only to have it fall back over his eyes. He looked down at his uniform and tugged at the bottom of his jacket. He slipped his hand inside his jacket pocket, grasping an object, Yes, it’s still there. She’s going to love it. Removing his hand, Reuben sighed, I guess this is as good as I’m gonna look. He walked over to the entrance, dragging his feet, to meet and greet any new guests who were planning to arrive today.

ORP: Approachable

Igor Plaksin || Hotel Restaurant
“47… 48… 49… 50,” Igor heaved, as he lifted himself up into a sitting position after doing 50 press ups. They followed his 50 push-ups, 50 pull-ups, and 50 squats; which was his usual morning routine. Once he was done, he walked into his bathroom, took a long shower and changed into his uniform. Leaving his room, Igor made his way to the Hotel Restaurant where he started off by waiting impatiently against the wall, observing the growing crowd in the lobby.

ORP: Approachable

Rāwiri Taumata || Hotel Bar
Did he awake early? No. What would be the point? He did actually go to bed early and didn’t spend it with a certain lady that he has frequented the bed quite often this past month. He wasn’t sure why. Perhaps she was busy or maybe he wasn’t up for it, he doesn’t care to think about it. He washed up and changed, leaving his room.
Sitting on a barstool, near the lobby, he heard the barkeep say, “The usual, Rāwiri?” Rāwiri nodded, placing his forearms on the bar and staring down at it.

ORP: Approachable and Katya mentioned (@Costati)


Jack Coleman

He woke up bright and early. Best day for business. As he got dressed and left his room, he walked past the bar, and saw Rāwiri. He casually walked up to him, for Rāwiri was a regular and payed pretty well. “Hey,” he said as he motioned for the bartender to come here and get him a drink. “Long day ahead of you?” He pretended to think. “I only mean because you started your day off with a drink,” he paused and let out a sigh. The bartender then handed him his Godfather that he had ordered. Jack then downed his drink and looked around. Not many people here.

@CrazyCaliope -Rāwiri.

Abrianna Davis

She hoped out of their cab and entered the building with her best friend. She decided that Olive could get the key while she would waited in a chair. She saw this pretty girl with the prettiest hair. Brianna then walked up to her, cause why the hell not? “Hello,” she started to say and then looked around before looking back at the girl she was talking to. “Do you happen to work here?” She knew she didn’t work here, but she just wanted someone to talk to other than Olive.

@Chocolate_Mama -Vanessa


Vannesa/Hotel Lobby
She smiled as another girl walked up towards her.” No I don’t work here. I’m kinda on a little trip honestly.” Vannesa looked at the girl for a moment then shook her head.” I’m sorry my name’s Vannesa. It’s great to meet you!” She looked around the room a little awkward. She was never good at being too social with people.



Abrianna Davis
“Oh okay!” She then smiles. “Where are my manners? Nice to meet you Vannesa, I’m Abrianna,” she smiled and held out her hand. “But most people call me bri.” She then looked at Vannesa with a reassuring smile. “I’m on a vacation as well,” she says awkwardly, for she wasn’t good at conversing. Once she looked back at Olive to see if she was done and saw that she was still getting the room key.

@Chocolate_Mama -Vannesa


Vanessa followed Bri’s gaze toward someone else at the desk.” Are you here with someone else as well?” She smiled as she held her bag tighter and ran her finger on her key.”I should probably go look for the rooms as well anyways. I mean I don’t wanna be too lost for too long. Also I love your name! It reminds me of a old friend of mine.” She shifted slightly at the brief memory, but replaced it with a smile.”



Abrianna Davis

She nodded. “Yes I am.” She paused for a second and looked at Olive then back at Vannesa. “Aw, okay, and thank you!” She smiled at her and let out a small sigh. “Well, I hope to see you around!” She said as she nods and turns around to walk back to Olive. Olive then hands her the key and they both walk to their rooms. After walking their rooms and setting their stuff down, they decided to go to the hotel restaurant. They sat down and waited for a waiter to take their order. They saw a waiter leaning against the wall and waved him down. “Excuse me,” Olive yelled.

@CrazyCaliope -Igor mentioned

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I set down the worn leather suitcase with a sigh. I looked around the hotel, as I timidly walked towards the front desk. “C-” I cleared my throat. “Can I get a room, single bed please?” She handed me a key to the third floor. Room 05 my least favorite number… Just my luck. I took off my coat, swing it over my shoulder. I walked up the stairs, nearing my room.


Hotel Cortez - RP - Sign-Ups/Chat

Rāwiri Taumata || Hotel Bar
No looking up, Rāwiri’s glass was placed in front of him. Bourbon, straight, just the way he liked it. “Long day ahead of you?”, a voice had asked him. Well, he assumed it was to him. The barkeep didn’t reply and he was sure that no one else was around. Rāwiri wrapped his aged hand around his glass and put the rim to his lips, taking a sip. Placing it back on the counter, he answered, “A long life ahead” He paused. “Trust me, when you get to my age, you realise that there’s not much to live for.”

@riahh30 - Jack Coleman

Finnegan Burke || Outside the Hotel
Finnegan and Ozias were just arriving at the hotel in Ozias’ car. As Ozias was still parking, Finnegan was so excited that he leapt out of the car. He didn’t know the reason as to why Ozias chose this particular hotel, but he did know that they were taking a break away together to celebrate him graduating. Leaping from the passenger seat, he went to the car boot to grab both of their bags. “Thank you so much for this,” he called to Ozias. “Just the two of us, in a hotel room. You’re showing me that I really do mean something to you.”

@kitty4322 - Ozias Cintora

Igor Plaksin || Hotel Restaurant
Watching the crowd, he saw a young woman at a table with two of them on it, flag him down. He almost rolled his eyes as he pushed himself off the wall. Nearing the table, he looked at the girl who had called him, but his eyes fell on the other girl. She was beautiful, he must find out what room she’s in. Igor hoped that the two weren’t together. Staring at the other girl, smiling, he asked, “Hello, I hope you’re having a good day so far. Can I get you anything?”

@riahh30 - Abrianna Davis and Olive Dixon


Katya Banks - Hotel Lobby

Katya looked at her reflection in the mirror. She wasn’t quite satisfied with the way she looked but she ended up settling for it anyway. She’d never been a perfectionist. She was more the kind to preach in favor of the opposite. Life wasn’t perfect it was a mess exactly like she was. It was just the way things were supposed to be.
She exited her room and walked through the hallways to get to the lobby. She was told some new guest would arrive today. It would be a great opportunity for her to try to find new clients.
She saw two young girls who seemed busy talking to each other and decided to not bother them.
From the corner of her eyes she saw Reuben close to the doors. He was probably waiting for the new guests.

She walked closer to him, showing him her most charming and sweet smile. She knew he liked it when she smiled at him like that. It probably made him feel special.
“Hey Reuben. You’re waiting for the new guests ?”

@CrazyCaliope - Reuben


Abrianna Davis
After she heard Olive tell, she reminded her of where they were and that she must have some type of manners. “Hello, I hope you’re having a good day so far.” She heard and turned to look at the person who said that. “Hello, and good, how about you? Can I maybe get a menu,” she said with a smile as she looked at the guy in front of her.

Jack Coleman
“There’s not much to live for now,” he says with a sigh. He then drinks some of his drink from the glass. “But, I’m sure there has to be something for you,” he says with a reassuring smile.


Isla-Rose Holden

Isla walked into the hotel lobby, opening both of the double doors and strutting in, holding her huge white suitcase. She was wearing a large brimmed black summer hat and a pair of Gucci sunglasses on. She was wearing a grey oversized sweater and thigh high boots. Her blonde hair was let loose, her beach waves falling down to her waist. She walked over to the front desk, and took off her sunglasses. There were a few other people around her, also getting a room, but she didn’t give them a second glance as she leaned forward, “A room, please, double bed.” She said, shortly.

The key was handed to her, and she took it, showing her perfectly manicured nails. “Room 103. Thank you.” She said, walking away. She sat on one of the red lobby chairs, waiting for Winona Wilkins to arrive.

@CrazyCaliope - Winona Wilkins (mentioned)

Hotel Cortez - RP - Sign-Ups/Chat


I opened the door, still invisible, then stepped out of my room with a sigh. Twenty-three years, twenty-three years of this damn place. I should’ve killed myself somewhere else while I still had the chance. After my mom died, before that monster started to do things to me. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so fucking empty now. I thought to myself as I took a puff of my cigarette. I heard chatter coming from the lobby, coming to the conclusion that more people just checked in. More victims. I shook my head. I’ve seen so many people killed here in the past twenty-three years and I’ve wanted them to escape while they still could, but I didn’t care enough to help them. I blew out a cloud of smoke, not noticing that I had blown it in some girl’s face.


I felt a chill… I set down my suitcase uneasily. “Hello?” I said, looking around the room. @kitty4322



I crossed my arms and looked toward the girl. She must be a new guest, she’s toward a room and has a suitcase. God, I hope she doesn’t have my room, I’m sick of people coming into my room and just sleeping there. I took another puff of my cigarette, then spoke up. “Yeah?” I asked, forgetting that I was still invisible.


I yelped, ducking behind a large table. I grabbed the lamp from off it. “I have a weapon, and I’m not afraid to use it!” I said, slowly standing up. @kitty4322

Hotel Cortez - RP - Sign-Ups/Chat