Hotel Cortez - Official RP


Damon Frausch:
“You’re right, I’m new here, but I guess you can show me around, what do you say?”
He couldn’t help but let his lips lift up into an amused smirk. This would be easier than he thought. “Well, didn’t necessarily offer but…” he acted as if he was in deep thought before giving her another smile. “I believe my schedules just been cleared.”
He grabbed the headphone, raising a brow as he placed it into his ear. Dear God it was horrendous!
“Sounds…lovely,” he said through clenched teeth as he pulled it out of his ear and passed it back to her. He stood up, brushing off his suit before holding a hand out to her. “So, shall I accompany the beautiful lady throughout my very own personal tour then?”

Rhys Brekker:
He let out a breath of relief when her eyes fluttered open but he also gave her a look of confusion as he stepped back slightly and tilted his head at her. “I-I’m sorry sleeping?” He gave a humorless laugh as he gripped his hair as he looked around at the other coffins. “This is…” he furrowed his brows, trying to comprehend the fact that people actually did this kind of thing. “Ahhh, role playing, I guess? Weird fetish perhaps?” He finally concluded.

Brendan Skyles:
“Looked pretty helpless to me,”
He rolled his eyes. “You try being cuffed for hours then trying to escape from a bed post.”
*"Follow me, querido." He rose a brow as he followed behind her, a small and amused smirk playing at his lips as he reached her side. “Sooo…Hispanic roots I’m assuming? I took my fair share of spanish 1 courses. Would explain the natural curve to those hips of yours,” he said with a cocksure grin.

Mason Juste:
He growled and grabbed for it again. “What are you, a brainless dingus?! I’ve two arms, two legs, just like you, duuuuuh!” His eyes flicked to where her hand moved and his eyes went wide before anger filled them.
“What are you doing?”


“Well apparently you can teleport too! Do you see me teleporting or whatever voodoo thing you’re doing? And don’t touch my chicken! Do I look like your mother making you dinner?” She saw his eyes fill with anger as he saw her hand reach toward the knife. “Self defense. I tend to get a little scared when some 9 year old kid comes out of NOWHERE and asks for my goddamn chicken!” She stopped reaching for the knife, knowing that it was useless. She wasn’t sure if she had it in her to stab a little kid anyway. Or whatever he was.


Olive Dixon

“Well, why not,” she smiled, not wanting to reveal too much about herself. “Really, this is a family business, I would’ve never guessed,” she says with a smile and looks around. “You all did a very good job. I didn’t really get much time to admire the lobby, but I am sure it looks great.” She then laughs a little. “So, is business good?”
@kitty4322 -Apollo

Abrianna Davis

Her stomach growled a little, as she watched the guy in front of her look around. “I am single,” she says with a smile, not really knowing why he would care or even want to know. “I’m sorry, I don’t believe I got your name,” she says as she smiles.

@CrazyCaliope -Igor

Jack Coleman

“Well, it does pay pretty well,” he smiles. “Well, I guess it just depends on how good business it. But, no money isn’t why I do it.” He lets out a slight yawn and sits back. “I never really thought about why I continue to do it,” he says as he starts to think. “There are better paying jobs out there, so I know that’s not the reason.” He lets out a sigh.

@CrazyCaliope -Rawiri

Elijah Sultan

“Okay,” he said getting out the car and taking Sabs bag from her. “I got it,” he says with a reassuring smile, and then grabs his own.
As they walk in, he admires the building and how marvelous it looks. He then walks up to the counter, purchases a room, and motions for Sabriya to follow him. “Can you help me find room 20?” He pauses and looks around. “At least I think that’s what it was.” He smiles a little, as he looks for their room. “Aha,” he says, unlocking the door and setting the bags down. “Welcome to your new home for…” he pauses. “God knows how long.”

@lanasgalasoul -Sabriya


Mason Juste:
"Do I look like your mother making you dinner?”
He froze for a moment before giving her a grimace. “If you were my mother…I’d put myself up for adoption.”
“Self defense. I tend to get a little scared when some 9 year old kid comes out of NOWHERE and asks for my goddamn chicken!"
This was proving much more of an annoyance it seemed and he stomped a foot down onto the ground. “I’m 10! And I didnt ask, I’m taking! Just give me the chicken Hitler!”



“Yeah, I know I’ll find one some day!” I told her with a grin. “Have you found anyone who’s interested you so far? Any particular person?” I asked, finishing the fries and then sipping on the milkshake.



“With the world? Not many people even see you, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I told her, then sighed. “Yeah, it’s Google. I’m pretty sure. The small things, the phones, are strange. If I had them back when I was alive, maybe I wouldn’t have been dead and here today.” I sighed, trying to avoid thinking of my past to no avail.



“No?” My eyebrows furrowed, then I realized that he was confused and most certainly a guest. “Oh, this is a room that you can pay extra for? Some people want a unique hotel and just boost the experience for people you know, with the rumors of this hotel being haunted.” I yawned. I better get my sleep in after this, I’ve only gotten about 2 hours so far. “How did you find this room?” I asked and looked around, wondering if there were any other afflicted in the room. I need to kill him, he can be my lunch for today. He can’t know that this room exists and now that he does, he has to go. I sighed.


“An audience, errr, no thank you” he thought while she was rubbing her finger down on his neck “I changed my mind” he said with a devilish grin “My place would be just perfect for a private dinner, amore mio” his arm slipped around her waist pulling her closer.
He lowered his voice “Well, all I can say is that, at that party, my eyes were pointing on you from the beginning, you cought my attention from the first time I saw you” with his free hand he put a lock of hair behind her ear “Can’t wait to play a bit together while eating, it’s exciting when they try excaping” he said licking her earlobe “And my room won’t leave you disappointed” with a grumbling stomach he moved his lips a few inches away from hers, then leaning slowly towards them he changed his direction just before touching them and gave a soft peck on her nose.

@Chocolate_Mama #let’s make them friends :joy:


Marilyn Parrish
“Whatever you say,” Marilyn teased as she continued to walk, her hands clasped behind her back. Sooo…Hispanic roots I’m assuming? Marilyn hadn’t even realized that she allowed her native tongue to slip into her words. She tried so hard to keep it from doing so, it reminded her of…

Marilyn shrugged and turned another corner. Spanish one courses? She’d never heard of such a thing. Surely it wasn’t a class, they didn’t have those when she was growing up. But, times have changed and plus, the thought delighted her. More diversity is something she will always wish she was still human to see.

Marilyn rolled her eyes at the comment about her body, a small smile playing on her lips. She knew she was gorgeous and she loved to use it to her advantage. “Mhm, very charming. I bet you say that to all the girls.”


Sabriya Sultan
Sabriya looked around the room, a strange feeling washing over her. The room felt weird but she couldn’t tell how. A sigh fell from her lips as she walked over and dropped her bag onto one of the beds, “Home sweet… home.” Sabriya knew that this would never be home. She would never have another home for as long as she lived and it hurt her but she didn’t show it. “Thank you, Eli.”




“Thank you.” I flashed a grin. "Yes, business is great at the moment. Many new guests have arrived today. “So, tell me about yourself. Would you like to sit down somewhere?”


He had such a disgusted face while he was listening to her music “You don’t have to fake, it’s clear that you don’t like it” she said it while laughing “By the way, I’m Jessica, Jessica Norton but you can call me Jess” she handed her hand towards him, she couldn’t help but asking herself which name could have had that beautiful stranger. “Lead the way” she added removing with her free hand the headphone and getting herself ready to leave in company of that hot man…


Reuben Graves || Hotel Lobby
She looked really happy with the necklace and Reuben looked up to see that beautiful smile he loved so much, once again on her face. He felt very proud that he had been the reason for it. This caused him to go speechless, and rather shy and awkward. Asking him if he could help to fix it upon her neck, made him sweat. Katya turned and held out the necklace. He took it in his shaky, sweaty hands and attempted to attach the clasp. After several moments of fidgeting, it was finally on, but he only had enough time to look and say, “b… b… beautiful.,” before they were interrupted.

@Costati - Katya Banks

Finnegan Burke || Hotel Lobby
“There’s a couple of departments nearby, I’ve already started to put some feelers out,” Finnegan replied. Why was he asking?, he questioned himself. Was he worried about him leaving? No, couldn’t be. This was strong Ozias he was talking about. Finnegan decided to play on this anyway. “Don’t worry, I’m not planning to leave and go across the country.” He turned to see where Ozias was gesturing. He laughed. “Well, considering one of them does work. That, or he just really likes the uniform.”
He made his way over to the two, and asked, “Excuse me, I’m just wondering where… if there is a restaurant and/or bar in this hotel?”

@kitty4322 - Ozias Cintora
@Costati - Katya Banks
Myself - Reuben Graves


Tabitha Sallow || Outside the Hotel
Tabitha took the elevator up to their room. On the slow ride up, she checked on the twins to make sure they were still sleeping. They were. Reaching the floor, she tried looking which way first. Right. Halfway along the hall, she realised it was left and turned around. Then finding the correct door, she unlocked and entered, leaving it open for her boys. She sat down on the bed and started rocking the pram backwards and forwards.
Back at the car, as Jaxson locked it, Oliver shoulder his backpack and whined, “Daddy, I can carry more, I can. Give me The BIG soo-case. I can do it. I can.”

@bpalmer1398 - Jaxson Sallow

Henry Tudor || Hotel lobby
A smirk falls upon Henry’s face. He loved being complimented, especially from someone so youthful. It was probably why he liked them so young. Well, there is that, and that they remind him of-! He shut his mind, just because he was here for the first time since… No, there’s no reason to think about it. He plastered a smile on his face again and said, “106, but first we need our bags.” Their bags sat behind them, the driver gone. “Where is that bellboy?”

@bpalmer1398 - Alexander Jones Tudor
@themaystorms - Merely a subtle mention (in thought) to the trouble we’ll cause between characters.


Igor Plaksin || Hotel Restaurant
Igor’s smile turned even more creepy as she said she was single. Then she asked him his name. That was polite, he thought. “My name is Igor, and I’ll be your waiter today.” He bowed his head slightly. “But I should inform the chef of your order, so she can start cooking.” He turned on his heel, leaving her sitting there.
Entering the kitchen, his mood and tone changed, speaking in more of a dry monotone, “ORDER UP!”, he called. “Two Bacon and eggs.”

@riahh30 - Abrianna Davis
@CrazygirldY_dY_dY - Isabel Gonzalez (I know she’s talking to Mason, but I don’t know if she’s in the kitchen or not.)

Rāwiri Taumata || Hotel Bar
“Well, you’re young enough, why don’t you change careers. You can’t do what you do forever." Rāwiri sighed and looked forward just as the barkeep put the third glass in front of him, taking the other. This time he didn’t make any kind of judgement or snide remarks about Rāwiri drinking quickly. That was a relief. “So your girl works the rooms here then?”, Rāwiri asked. He had put two and two together, knowing Katya worked the rooms here.

@riahh30 - Jack Coleman


She thought for a moment then lightly shrugged.” I don’t believe so…but I’m sure I could try to find out one way or another.” She laughed a little as she fiddled with her ring again.” So you’ve never been with anyone in your life?”



Ella felt her face just burn up with each little touch he did.” Well I do like your room much better, and especially for my meal.” She leaned against him as she watched their dinner stand there she couldn’t help but laugh as she looked back at him.” Of course you couldn’t keep your eyes off me.” She ran her fibgertips on his arm playfully as she looked at the numbers decease.” I know you’ve always been in my line of sight as well. She couldn’t help but blush profoundly as he whispered in her ear. He always had the right words to say about fun when she’s around. When he pecked her nose she quickly kissed his lips.” Can’t wait I’m sure you won’t disappoint.”



She snorted. “Good, I’d kill myself if I was your relative. Well woop de doo, you want a prize for being 10? And NO!” She heard a waiter calling for something and she rushed up to the front, chicken in hand. “Y-yep, I’ll get it soon,” she stammered. Isabel gave him a thumbs up before rushing to the back, leaving the chicken at the front. “You will not ruin my job,” she hissed. “And what’s a 10 year old boy who can teleport doing here?” I should have never got a job here, damnit.
“God only knows what would have happened if I had those when I was alive. Maybe I would have read the reviews on Bark or whatever it’s called and seen that this place was creepy. Too late for that now though.” She smiled sadly at Rhea. “When you’ve been dead as long as me, this kind of is your world.”


While he was teasing her, she kissed him quickly telling him that he wouldn’t have disappointed her. Ella always found a way to leave him speechless and breathless. Her spontaneity was disarming. He just stood there, frozen, as she quickly returned after the kiss.
Paralyzed was an understandment.
He silently leaned back, shocked, he mumbled “Wow”… his motionless and cold heart, stuck like that for over 5 hundred years fluttered, it was incredible.
The sparkles of the kiss slowly faded away. He needed more, that wasn’t enough.
Impulsively he turned back, he lifted her up in his arms and planted a kiss on those soft, blossom and amazing lips.
He was enjoying it so much that he wanted to go further but he respected her too much to leave her out of this choice.
He stopped, put her down and licked his lips to taste what was left of her presence. He said, smiling at her tenderly, “Now I’m awfully hungry…”. His face was still a little bit reddish when he waited for her answer. He was sure that she was confused since he stopped so suddenly, he just hoped she wouldn’t be upset for his behaviour.



She had to say she loved the surprise anything for a chance to be close with him. Once he kissed her back she didn’t want to stop at all. Like all the last times she always had a want for him. Even his presence was a gift she needed.” I mean…yeah yeah we should go take him to your room…if you want that is.” She tried to hide the disappointment from her voice. No guy ever really stopped with her. Maybe he was unsure himself, or never really cared anymore, or meet someone else, or…she had to stop putting all these thoughts in her head wasn’t the best thing.” I guess we should go now.” She walked past him as she walked toward the door.
She didn’t want to seem cold and distant, but why kiss her then stop like that. She wasn’t emotionally ready for whatever he was on about. All she knew was that she was starving, and ready to eat this dude.



He could say from her voice that she was disappointed, even if she tried to cover everything. Regrets, always regrets. He wanted to say something as she walked past him but he couldn’t say a word, maybe a cold treatment would have thought him a lesson.
“Yeah, let’s go” he pushed the body of their meal, outside the elevator and they walked silently through the hallway just to arrive at his underground penthouse.
The note was still there, now he had to explain the broken mirror…
“Here we are” all the joy disappeared from his voice, he hated seeing her like that, cold, distant.
Before letting free their prisoner, he reached her arm, he opened his mouth and no words came out.
He waited, he wanted to tell her why, “I need to talk to you Ella, I’m sorry,…” he started off like that, his heart in his hand, even if it was dead it always meant a lot to him.